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Mar 19, 2007 09:06 PM

Yose @ Edgemar Bldg./Malia Across The Street

The former Rockenwagner space has a "nomadic Asian" restaurant in residence at the moment.

I am assuming that they don't mean that their Asian food wanders around the restaurant with no fixed residence.

I also assume that they serve the generally public, rather than limiting service to people from the Far East who have no fixed residence.

So, assuming that my assumptions are on target, what, pray tell, is nomadic Asian cuisine, and is YOSE's rendering of it worth trying?

Meanwhile, across the street, the former Malia is all boarded up, but there seemed to be some activity there on Sunday. Are they getting ready to re-open or re-brand?

Finally, since we're in the neighborhood, what's with that place The Galley on Main St.?

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