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Lunch salads near 52nd/Broadway

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Hello all,

I just started a new job at 52nd and Broadway, which is a new part of the city for me, at least as far as lunch and cheap food is concerned. Anyone have any leads on good salads for lunch in the close vicinity? I'm hoping for a food-behind-a-counter-made-by-someone place, rather than an actual salad bar, to avoid people sneezing on my food, but maybe that's being overly picky, especially as Whole Foods' salad bar still rocks my world.

Also, any other local secrets I should know about? Street carts, good pizza, etc?

Many thanks,


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  1. Try Cafe Duke (51st b/ween Broadway and 6th)... they have a wide range of lunch selections including a toss your own salad bar... the also a korean food section, make your own pasta, pizza, flatbread and already prepared cold/hot bar, sushi...the selection seems very fresh and they look like they get a good turnover.

    1. For a tossed salad (where you pick your ingredients) i usually go to city chow, which is at the front of the equinox gym (it's down the stairs by paramount plaza) on 50th and b'way.

      1. For info on street carts, ethnic food, etc. check out midtownlunch.com - a blog that specializes in that kind of thing. I love the Hallo Berlin cart at 54th and 5th (German sausages) and the Daisy Mae cart on 6th.

        1. I've had good salads from Carve (47th and 8th). I should warn you that Carve's consistency has been questioned on this board.

          1. A few avenue blocks away is Just Salad, a two-in-one takeout joint and pickup scene.

            Otherwise, there must be a Pax or a Hale & Hearty nearby.

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              I like Metro Cafe's unlimited toppings. Several in the neighborhood. I always go to the one in the concourse on 6th Ave, but there is also one on 52 St. bet. 5th & 6th Ave. I call it my 5 lb salad bec. I put so many toppings in it.

            2. So far I've tried The Daily Soup (54th btw. Broadway and 8th), based on a recommendation from a coworker, and City Chow, ditto and also from twiggles below. Daily Soup I found disappointing - balsamic vinaigrette lacked any sense of balsamic, the greens were wilted, and the whole thing was salty. City Chow was pretty good, although I'm worried that they work so fast there that I'll end up with a prawn in my salad by accident (I'm allergic). But it looks like I have a bunch of options nearby. Thanks!

              1. The salads from Island Burgers, while not toss your own choices, are very very good...and LARGE. Island is on 51st/52nd and 9th. Great burgers too. And the milkshakes...holy cow.

                I used to love the pasta dishes from Bocca when I worked in that area. I have never actually been TO the place, but I think it's on 50th between 6th & 7th.