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Mar 19, 2007 08:25 PM

[SEA] New & Notable Restaurants?

I'm returning to Seattle soon for a visit after an absense of about a year or so. Since I used to live in Seattle, I'm already familiar with many of the foodie-friendly restaurants around town, and this time around I'd like to try something new.

Have there been any notable new resturants that have opened recently?

Any places with innovative menus/techniques?

Thanks for any recs! =)

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  1. Check out Coupage in Madrona! Korean/French fusion. I had the vichyssoise with crabcake and ground short rib burger with foie gras, would recommend both. My wife had a black cod dish which was cooked to perfection.

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      Korean-French... sounds fascinating! I can't even imagine how those flavors would work together. Only one way to find out! Thanks!

    2. Dinette and Steelhead Diner are doing lovely, unpretentious things. Just stay away from the unacceptable fries at the latter.

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        Is the Steelhead part of the chain of restaurants that accompany Steelhead breweries?

      2. If you haven't been to Lark, I'd definitely recommend it. It's all small plates and there is always something new.
        Seattle Metropolitan named Lark “Best Chef Inspired Restaurant” and “Trendsetters” (11/2006)
        Or if you can't schedule it in. Stop by Licorous next door for a drink, also owned by Sundstrom and Ronan.

        1. I'd try either Sitka and Spruce or Tilth. Both offer very similar menus featuring a fresh outlook on ingrediants (mushroom creme brulee, etc.) and a focus on offering smaller serving sizes so you can try more of the menu. I've also heard good things about Tavolata, a new Italian restaurant opened by the head chef of Union, Ethan Stowell. Qube is also fairly new and, although it could use some time to work out some rough patches, has some great food and a interesting take on the tasting menu concept, serving 9 dishes featuring 3 ingrediants cooked 3 different ways.