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Mar 19, 2007 08:11 PM

Super Tortas

Rabo Encendido recommended this place oh so long ago, so I wanted to try it. I’d just never had the chance. In fact, I’d never had a torta before.

Let me just say that I loved it.

The bread was hot and tasty... crusty on the outside and soft on the inside. The lomo (grilled ribeye) was delicious. The vegetables were fresh, and the sauce was perfect.

It was great and I’m definitely going back.

Super Tortas
Vine at Fountain

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  1. Ya-Ya's in Huntington Park has really good tortas.

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    1. re: Evan G

      El Ruby or Rubys on San Fernando, right next to Dinah's Fried Chicken has a great Cemitas Poblano sandwich.

    2. Is this the same Super Tortas that is on Alvarado between 6th and 3rd?

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      1. re: jacqueline f


        Super Tortas

        360 S. Alvarado St. #6
        Los Angeles, CA 90057
        213 413 7953

        7951 Vineland Ave.
        Sun Valley, CA 91352
        818 765 2496

        1253 N. Vine St. #8
        Hollywood, CA 90038
        213 469 8912