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Mar 19, 2007 07:58 PM

seafood in manhattan

i am moving to ny on thursday and my dad is looking for a good seafood restaurant to go to while he is there. any suggestions? thanks.

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  1. Le Bernadin is known to be the best in the city.

    1. Le Bernardin is considered as such, very white glove French service. Big $$$. Maybe better to go at lunch for the prix fixe. I have not been.

      I have been to both Mary's Fish Camp in the W. Village and Esca and would encourage you to try both, as well as the Oyster Bar in Grand Central Terminal. Commuter restaurant sure, but the food is really good and you can do worse than the oyster roasts and a few cold beers.

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        Pearl Oyster Bar is the best of the fish shacks, Mary's is not bad either. Pearl is more consistant, a little nicer for dad, doesn't run out of food and is just slightly cheaper. (Although lobster prices are insane now so you're going to see that everywhere.) Esca is very uneven and someone further down mentioned Gus; which closed a while ago. I think it's going to be a McNally or something.
        Le Bernardin is the hallmark; the perfect French fish restaurant. But we are talking about easily $600 for a party of 4. But it is an incredible experience not to be missed and never to be forgotten.
        The Grand Central Oyster Bar is another great New York experience if you can get passed one thing--the food suck! So go and have a glass of champagne and some raw oysters. Then go eat somewhere good!
        Have a great time!!!!!

      2. I've heard great things about Esca as well, and there was just a glowing review recently about Tides. I'd go to the Grand Central Oyster Bar for the oysters and drinks at the bar, but if you're looking for a real seafood resto there may be better options.

        1. I really enjoyed Aquagrill and Mermaid Inn.

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            For everyday, I think Dock's is acceptable - fish is fresh and simple. Agree that Le Bernadin is stupendous. Also really like Estoria Milos in the W 50's for fresh fish Greek style---it is like being on a Greek island and going to pick out the exact fish you want to eat - caveat there is that it is very expensive and very noisy.

          2. Hello and welcome to nyc.

            The good news is that there are many choices. Soliciting opinions of nyc residents will surely evoke a range of replies.

            My own preference for a place to go at the last minute would be Aquagrill on Spring St. Le Bernadin is very fine but you're less likely to land a reservation in time. GC Oyster Bar is noisy and uncomfortable, and too brightly lit for my dining pleasure. There's also more modest but still good neighborhood places like Gus's Place in Greenwich Village.