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Camping Recipes

Hey all, I'm going camping in Anzo Borrego this weekend and was wondering if anyone had any good ideas for camping dinners. I would like to try roasting a game hen, but not sure if it's really feasible, as I don't have a spit of any kind. (I could butterfly 'em I suppose.) Any other ideas are welcome.

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  1. If you go to the General topics board and search camping, you will find lots of recipes. Game hens over a grill sound perfectly feasible.

    1. When I camp it's all about convenience, but one of the items I've made in the past that was a hit was chicken or skirt steak marinated on skewers. Works great on a grill, serve with roasted veggies or fire roasted baked potatoes. I also use seal a meal big time when I camp. I've pre-cooked beef stroganoff, sealed and then reheated in a pot of hot water, served over noodles. Super decadent camping food! Have fun!

      1. What cooking gear do you have? Cooler space? Number of people? Things like that make a big difference in what is feasible and worth the effort. With lots of cooler space and only a day from home you can prepare a lot before hand. A week into a trip with little cooler space, two people, and limited equipment, means a much simpler meal, based largely on canned and dried items.


        1. Camp cooking is a blast, especially when everybody else in the campground is grilling hot dogs and hamburgers, and we're doing marinated steaks and lobster tails. I love it when people walk by and say, "Ooh, that smells good, what are you guys cooking?"

            1. Bacon-wrapped quail -- esay to handle as the bird is small (but this means you'll need 2-3 per person). You know it's cooked when the bacon is crisp. To be extra decadent, put some foi-gras pate under the skin. You could grill some tomatos and asparagus or zuccini w/lemon juice squeeze to go with.

              1. Risotto works suprisingly well - you can take powdered "broth" if space is an issue. Migas is an absolute must for use over the campfire (we call it chilequilles, but it is mroe migas). We camped over Thanksgiving this year and had a wonderful chicken cooked in a case iron skillet with peppers and onions, roasted new potatoes (aluminum foil), salad, roasted sweet potato and banana puree (again, foil is your friend). Baked apples for dessert - all very tastey - of course this is car camping. Cobbler is easy to make over a fire. Cast iron skillet is a much if you are car camping!

                1. Funny....when I asked this question back in September I was going to Anzo Borrego as well. We ended up doing a lot of stir fry. Came out great!


                  1. When I camp seal-a-meal is my best friend. I cook killer meals ahead of time, freeze or not....boil a pot of water at the camp-site re-heat and have scrumptious meals. Just a thought. Gives you more play time and definately little clean up too. If you want to cook on-site....I've also brought one of those bbq fish baskets and bbq'd salmon. Really tasty.

                    1. I make mixes up ahead of time. In a zip lock bag I put rice, or couscous or whatever along with a tablespoon of boullion dried mushrooms, or dried vegetable soup and, or dried fruit along with whatever spices I want. Couscous, dried apricot and curry is good. Rice with mushrooms just plain is good (this is a great use for dried stems). I measure the grain, and then draw a line on the bag to mark where to fill with water. For example if one cup fills two inches, and I need 2.5 cups water I draw a line 5 inches high. Works well, and these are super easy when tired from a long day fishing and hiking.