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Mar 19, 2007 07:47 PM

Licorice ice cream?

Does anyone know of a place in the LA area that sells licorice ice cream?

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  1. Well, if you can't find one a store that would sell it regularly, you could probably request it at Scoops.

    edited to add: Fosselman's lists it as one of its flavors

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    1. re: PseudoNerd

      Fosselman's usually has this at least once a year as a special flavor (around Halloween, IIRC). You should definitely call ahead if you're making the shlep to Alhambra.

      BTW, it's very good, but a bit fatiguing as an entire scoop. Best for sharing, or maybe as a small scoop in a larger dessert.

    2. Scoops had it back in December. I believe it was a licorice chocolate flavor. I passed.

      1. Wow, this brought back memories! When I was a kid, we used to go to C.C. Browns in Hollywood to get licorice ice cream; it looked like Super Balls and was great!

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        1. re: CEfromLA

          I also went to CC Browns as a little kid! Still miss that place.

        2. Baskin Robbins has it every now and then.

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          1. re: monku

            I haven't see it at Baskins for years! However, when they had it, it was a deep gray color and very, very delicious. Did not find it hard to eat by myself. If ever it does come back, I hope some 'hound will notify us. A definite Halloween Classic....with pumpkin ice cream!

          2. Semi-related -- tiger-tail ice cream. A childhood staple -- orange ice cream with a licorice swirl. Anyone know if that exists in these parts?

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            1. re: bite bite

              Well if SF counts as "these parts" then Tucker's in Alameda sells Tiger's Tail.

              But I'm sure if you ask, Scoops (at Heliotrope) can probably whip you up a batch.