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Mar 19, 2007 06:15 PM

poke in l.a.?

Hi all,

Looking for a place that sells poke (hawaiian dish) - preferably in the san gabriel valley. there are probably places in gardena area, somewhere, but I don't know the area. Wiling to travel, however.


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  1. so... santa monica seafood for sure has poke, but that is in santa monica! you could also check a local whole foods or wild oats. why not just make it! very easy!

    1. the bristol farms in long beach started carrying poke, check the one closest to you...wasn't too bad, not above average, but not bad

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        Bristol farms in Westchester also has poke, and I've heard other stores do too, so maybe it's all of them now.

        I thought it was pretty good, has maybe a touch too much oil. They had a spicy and a regular. I've gotten it a couple times now and it has been very serviceable. It's good fish and on the pricey side of reasonable at $14/lb.

        1. re: KinOfCain

          The Bristol Farms in Beverly Hills (Doheny @ Beverly Blvd.) has the regular and spicy tuna pokes. They had salmon poke for a few weeks, but I haven't seen in for months.

          I like the spicy tuna, but I never had any other poke, so I can't tell you if it's superb or mediocre by comparison..

          1. re: Dogbite Williams

            The Bristol Farms in South Pasadena has regular and spicy poke. Like KinofCain says, it's serviceable to good, a bit on the oily side. You might also check the Mitsuwa on Las Tunas in San Gabriel and Aloha Foods on Main Street in Alhambra.

      2. Marukai in Gardena corner of Artesia/Western (you'll need a membership card or maybe they charge you 10% surcharge if you don't have one). Pre-packaged in the refrigerated section where the Hawaiian stuff is. Pretty easy to make your own poke.

        Check the Marukai in Little Tokyo(ground floor at Weller Court-1st & San Pedro St.), they might have it and you don't need a membership there. Someone brought poke to a party a couple weeks ago and I think they stopped there for some sashimi and may have gotten the poke there too.

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          Actually there is another Marukai in Gardena on Redondo Beach Blvd near Western that doesn't require the membership and has good prices. They do have poke.

          1. re: Ogawak

            Yeah, that's the Marukai Pacific market on Redondo Beach Blvd and Denker Ave in the old Pacific Square market. In the market, they also have a Beard Papa, Shinsengumi take-out, Bentoss (bento chain take-out from Japan), and Mammoth Bakery.

            1. re: Ogawak

              The past few times I have been there they only have ahi poke, no tako poke, which they used to have and used to be fairly good. If you are in Vegas, go to Aloha Specialties (I think that's the name), its on the bridge between the Californian and Main Street Station. They have had ahi poke every time I've been there, spam musubi too.

              I have not found kimchi poke around town just shoyu and that seaweed kind

          2. Bruddahs in Gardena usually serves it... King's Hawaiian Bakery has it but their's was some of the worst I've ever had... of course, alot restaurants and cafes that serve Hawaiian food will usually carry it.

            Mom & pop grocery stores that were owned by Hawaiian Japanese folks would usually carry it in their cold cases but I can't think of any off the top of my head, as places like Mitsuwa and Marukai have vaporized their once-lucrative businesses... I used to get poke at Aloha Market on Centinela in Mar Vista, but they closed down years ago. It was a great little store that would typically offer three kinds of poke on any given day. Alas, it's only a memory now...

            It's relatively easy to make - if you don't have any luck sourcing some, you should be able to find lots of recipes. Your major task is to find sashimi-grade fish.

            1. Daichan, on Ventura Blvd at Eureka (same mini-mall as Nozawa), has poke. It's good.

              Enterprise Fish Co. (in Santa Monica) has it on the menu, but it's terrible.

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                I vouch for Daichan on Ventura Blvd. They have good poke there. And the steamed cheesecake is a lovely dessert.