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Mar 19, 2007 06:10 PM

Korean BBQ in K-Town

Does anyone have a suggestion for their favorite Korean BBQ spot in Korea Town (LA)? (nothing toooo pricey)

I live in Silver Lake but haven't ventured out into Korea Town much yet. It's about time!

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    1. re: katkoupai

      WOW so much to choose from. Si Gol and Soot Bull Jeep seem to stand out. what's your favorite?

      1. re: mmmyum

        I haven't been to Soot Bull Jeep, even though it has been recommended repeatedly on the board. It seems to be a favorite on Chowhound.

        I did go to Si Gol with friends, after it was recommended to me in the above post. I really enjoyed it. I think it has a lot to do with who you go with. Definitely go with people who enjoy Korean bbq. If you do go anywhere, please post where you went and how it was. :)

        1. re: katkoupai

          I really like Si Gol but last time I went it took over 30 minutes to get a table and service was spotty at best. Can't complain about the food, though.

          1. re: snooze button

            I've only been to Si Gol once, and the service was really good. Maybe we went at a time that was less crowded. The restaurant was full, but there was no wait time, and service was fast. There were probably one or two empty tables, but the place was almost at capacity, I think. We had a very friendly waitress too. :)

    2. Since Soot Bull Jeep has gotten a few mentions, I would suggest Sa Rit Gol. They don't use charcoal like SBJ but I like this place better. The meat is of good quality and the pan chan are usually fabulous. Their non bbq dishes are great too.

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      1. re: Bon Vivant

        I especially would recommend Sa Rit Gol if you have a large group because then you can order the BBQ and a bunch of non-BBQ items, at which SRG excels. If you just want to eat BBQ, however, I think there are places that specialize in BBQ more than SRG does. But for me, personally, I love having the array of food and not eating only meat like I have to at Soot Bull Jeep (which I find too heavily marinated anyway).

        1. re: Pei

          Mmmyum, i just wrote about Soot Bull Jeep on my blog. You'll see the link the profile page. SBJeep, but definitely read what others have to say. As with sushi, each place is different in its own right. Bc places like SBJeep use charcoal, it'll get smokier. The majority of the places use gas grills. Non-AYCE places seem to taste better in quality than AYCE places. I recently ate at Soot Bul Gui Rim 2 on Vermont and they have a big selection of meats - including one of my new faves... tripe and intestines.

          1. re: eatdrinknbmerry

            mmmyum, this is a great thread focusing on a few of ktown's popular KBbq joints.

          2. re: Pei

            Sa Rit Gol is fantastic... can't say enough nice things about the place. The panchan is excellent and I like that you can have Korean BBQ without walking out smelling like a bag of Kingsford.

        2. Although I wouldn't say that bbq is their primary specialty, we love Corner Place (one block east of Vermont on James M. Wood). Their pork and bool gogi are fine, as are the panchan. The not to be missed dish there is the Special Cold Noodle soup--ice cold spicy broth (clear) with about a pound of a vermicelli like noodles, refreshing and filling and completely wonderful on a hot day.

          1. I'll just do Manna when I'm real cheap. $14.99 for All-you-can-eat BBQ. Not as smokey as Soot Bull Jeep.

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            1. re: everangel

              Just to throw even more controversy into the mix, for my $15 I prefer Gui Rim (two branches, one's on Vermont and 2nd) all you can eat to Manna. Less crowded, meat is more lightly marinated, and they have tripe/intestine/other innards as options.

              1. re: Pei

                Just tried Gui Rim 2 weeks ago... love the variety of offals. my new favorite grilled piece is the tripe. so good. i think the kalbi meat is overmarinated but the variety of meats reigns over it. unfortunately, the ban chan needed some more flavor to it.

                1. re: Pei

                  i'm there with you pei.

                  gui rim (either location) > manna.

                  manna is dirty and borderline digusting.

              2. You should also try Han Yang on 8th St. & Harvard Blvd. They BBQ is good and their other dishes especially Agu Chim is really good too.
                Also Honey Pig on 8th St. as well. They are both decently priced and just have a nice bottle(s) of soju and it makes it all so good!