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Mar 19, 2007 06:02 PM

how to clean microwave

the inside of my microwave needs a good cleaning (besides the fact that i just exploded some butter in it, its got some other stuff caked on). i never let it go this long! so whats the best way to get the gunk off? is there a secret to this?

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  1. heat a bowl of water in there for 3 minutes. Remove and spray down with 409 or Clorox cleanup. While you are doing dishes and washing the microwave tray, let it soak. Get out a scrubbie and have at it. Don't forget to rinse well.

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      Add white vinegar to the water for some extra umph.

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        same idea ... I add lemon I like the smell better

    2. just answered my own question - boiled some water then scrubbed! too easy...

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        Some water with a fair bit of baking soda in it, heated for a couple of minutes will also remove any lingering smells, if that's an issue.

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        I have to agree with chelleyd01, here. Nothing easier than allowing some water to steam up the microwave for a wipe out.