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Mar 19, 2007 06:02 PM

Rec for Group Dinner, Veggie Friendly

I need to send out an invite in the next day or two for a "girls' night dinner". I'm looking for something newer, or maybe off the beaten path a bit that will also be good for the few vegetarians in the group. Previous places we've been include Little Thailand, Wink, Uchi, Bess, Fonda, El Gringo, El Chilito, Vivo, South Congress Cafe. Chowhound worthy suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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  1. You didn't list Eastside Cafe, so I'll throw that out as an idea. Also, Enoteca is good for groups on Mondays as Vespaio is closed: they take over a small portion of Vespaio and use it for seating, granting customers more space than normal.

    1. Have you been/tried the Cosmic Cafe which is where West Lynn Cafe used to be? I went there with some girlfriends and had a lovely dinner - I do believe that it is a vegetarian restaurant but my friend had the veggie burger and proclaimed that it was actually quite delish and "meaty". I had an order of the samosas and they delicious - crispy outside and nice pleasantly spiced potatoe and pea filling. I also recommend Mr. Natural, Mother's Cafe, and Nu Age restaurant in Tarrytown/Exposition area.

      1. You are going to laugh--but Artz Ribs is a great choice here. I'm telling you the Grilled veggie plate they do is among the best vegetarian meals in austin. I love meat and I've ordered it before as my entre.

        It's not new, but it's great food.