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Mar 19, 2007 06:01 PM

Good dining in Kingston?

Where should I go for a really nice dinner? I already know about Chez Piggy. How about just great eats in general?

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  1. Hi,

    For a delicious breakfast or brunch try Pan Chancho which is Chez Piggy's sister restaurant. They also have delicious breads, pastries, dips, etc. for take-out.

    1. I've always like the pizzas at Woodenheads. The crust/tomato sauce/ingredients are all good--not spectacular. But what is spectacular is the sheer variety of ingredients. The pizza with pesto, chicken breast, roasted tomatos and honey is really good...but the best is the combinations that one can make from the ingredients on offer. I like apple butter, blue cheese, bacon, red onions....soooooo disgustingly good!

      I had a good meal also at Le Chien Noir, which people speak highly of. Good frites. People also like the pizzeria next door which I believe has the same owners and is called Atomica. Never been myself.

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        it's been a couple years since i've been in kingston, so i may be outdated and some new places may have taken over the old.

        i've always enjoyed the food at pan chancho but the service is lacking and prices sometimes a bit outrageous. that $3 sip of fruit nectar at brunch hits your wallet hard.

        le chien noir can do great food when they don't over salt. i've enjoyed it on many occassions with plenty of good atmosphere and service. it's just a touch in the nouveau french with their twist on poutine. i've always felt like i was leaving the place on a verge of a heart attack because of the menu full of rich, hearty and sumptuous dishes.

        atomic is a great little thin crust pizza place. perhaps not the best pizza ever, but they do a mighty fine job and if they still have their butternut squash ravioli in a brown butter with pumpkin seeds... mmmm.... stay away from the cannoli, terrible.

        i've personally never been terribly impressed with chez piggy. having only gone a small handful of times items would often be overcooked or just not worthy of the praise. not dreck or anything, just not... worth it.

        casa domenico i've been to about two, perhaps three times and i can't recall a single thing i ate there but that i did have a very enjoyable time (private parties in the upstairs room) and the food was tasty enough. both were sort of pre-dinners for events and so the focus was decidedly removed from the food those evenings.

        luke's never really got to me, but after reading an article in the star (i think it was the star) i'm incredibly tempted to go back. the son of the owners, luke, has taken over as head chef at the tender age of 16 and is very much into the local movement. he's going so far as to experimenting with charcuterie and other soul of the earth methods. it leaves me really curious.

        1. re: pinstripeprincess

          Along with other recs - I really liked Tango for their guacamole, fantastic sandwiches (great club with pesto and garlic mayo, and the steak and brie one is good too) and sweet potato fries (small, narrow ones). MMMM!

          Fairly nice surroundings too - casual, but intimate with low lighting.

          1. re: hangrygirl

            Windmills has an amazing brunch - but be prepared for lines on the weekends. Most of the brunch items are also available for breakfast during the week - great prices too!

            I have always enjoyed Curry Original for dinner. I still haven't found a place in Toronto that I enjoy as much as this spot.

      2. I go to Kingston several times a year because I love the town so much! My absolute favourite restaurants that I have to go to are Luke's -- website: and Curry Original -- website:

        Other restaurants that we also like to go to are: Lotus-Heart-Blossoms -- website: because SO is a vegetarian, Pan Chancho -- website:, Chez Piggy --, The Toucan --, Golden Viet Thai Restaurant -- menu:, Woodenheads -- website:, Tir Na Nog --

        1. Glowing review for Casa Domenico in the Ottawa Citizen today -

          Casa Domenico
          35 Brock St, Kingston, ON K7L1R7, CA

          1. I have been to Chez Piggy twice and will never go back. Once I ordered their special Vietnamese soup and it tasted like dirty dishwater. I told the waitress and she was so surprised and was a little rude-she said it had been so popular that day! She brought me a new bowl-same taste. I left.
            The second time I visisted was with some girls and they wanted to go there. I didn't want to argue so I went. What I ordered turned out to be an overpriced grilled sandwich.
            I do not know what the hype is. Next time I go to Kingston I will definitely try a different place.