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Mar 19, 2007 05:51 PM

Best West Village Restaurant

New to the West Village... trying to find all the best spots. Whats your favorite West Village restaurant... and why?

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  1. I can tell you the best coffee is Jacks - I go to the one in the seaport but I think the original is in the west village!

    1. Little Owl coz they have the best pork chop and it's just a well run restaurant

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      1. re: froggio

        There are lots of fun places, depending on your mood. My favorite sushi place is on 7th Ave. South below Bleecker - Tora. It's reasonably priced and has great stuff.

        Agave on 7th Ave. & W. 10th has great drinks, fun atmosphere, good southwestern food. I favor the shrimp tacos.

        There are two tapas places - Ostia & Tasca, both pretty good.

        Cafe Condesa, not much in ambiance, is nice for brunch.

        Cafe Deux Gamins is good at any time of day.

        Bar Pitti on 6th Ave. near Bleecker (cash only) also has little ambiance but wonderful food.

        There's a fun sausage/hot dog place on Grove west of 7th Ave. - I don't remember the name

        1. re: tsiblis

          Tartine-I've actually had dreams about the spicy chicken with guacamole and fries.

        2. re: froggio

          I agree, at the moment it would be Little Owl. For dinner at least. Meatball sliders and pork chop very good. Very clean and simple food done well. Friendly service in a nice setting.

          1. re: Bugsey34

            I fully agree with Little Owl
            others on my wvillage list
            Wallse-creative austrian, great room
            Sack Taverna-fresh, modern greek in a bright, not too vast space
            Spotted Pig-looks like a pub, really isn't in terms of the serious food. great burgers, even better gnuddi(sp?).
            mary's fish camp/pearl oyster bar- i listed them together b/c i love them both. i would give pob the nod on the lobster roll, but only by a nose
            blue ribbon bakery-bread, fresh food, professional service. you can smell them baking the bread from the bathroom..
            daddy-o a bar on bedford. i think among the best burger i've eaten in manhattan. great bloddy mary's too
            joe's pizza-my favorite slice in nyc!

            i also like aoc bedford, agave, moustche
            good luck any questions please let me know

            1. re: jsmitty

              +1 for Snack Taverna, their meatballs (served in some kind of delicious berry sauce) are delicious and just the right size.

          2. re: froggio

            +1 LITTLE OWL
            Since it is a tiny place and very popular, reservations may be difficult.
            Another favorite of ours in the West Village is CAFE CLUNY...charming, food is excellent.

          3. Mamouns for falafel and hummus...Rocco's for Black and White cookies and excellent cannoli...Actually everything looks great there....Faicco's Pork store for Rice Balls...Home for brunch, lunch, or dinner....Magnolia Bakery for chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting

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            1. re: jinet12

              Have got to disagree with Mamouns. Go to Taïm if you are in the mood for falafel and hummus. It is on 222 Waverly near 7th. Best falafel in the city and their fries with aiol mayo are amazing.

              1. re: nycmegs

                I don't think Taim is the best in the city but it is indeed very, very good. I, too, love the fries with saffron aioli but wish they would cook them a little longer. The sabich (fried eggplant with hard boiled egg) is also awesome.

                  1. re: a_and_w

                    What do you think is the best? Please do not say mamoons.... Chick Pea is pretty good. I'm limited as I have only done falafel in the villages.

                    1. re: nycmegs

                      Azuri Cafe. I'm beginning to think it's the best in the US -- there's certainly nothing like it on the west coast.

                      1. re: a_and_w

                        I completely agree! Azuri Cafe is the best.

                1. re: jinet12

                  Second Magnolia...and I don't care what ANYONE says!!!!!!!!!!!

                2. The overall best restaurant in the Village has to be Blue Hill. Mas is also very good. For something more casual Little Owl, Blue Ribbon Bakery and 'ino are probably tops.

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                  1. re: jdmetz

                    Looks like jdmetz and I got about the same taste for restaurants (at least in West Village). I will add Sumile for as my fusion-Japanese favorite

                  2. Chanto - Japanese on 7th Ave (around 10th)
                    Palma - Mediterranean/Italian on Cornelia
                    Le Gigot - Rustic french on Cornelia
                    I second Rocco's for a cannoli (great napoleans too)
                    Philip Marie for brunch

                    Blech to Magnolia cupcakes - but banana pudding - YUM!

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                    1. re: FIFO22

                      Second Gigot. Pitch perfect.

                      edit: Also second snack taverna.