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P.O.G., (the Hawaiian drink) where can I find it in LA?

Is there a grocery store in LA that sells frozen Hawaiian POG, (Passion, orange, guava juice blend) ? They sell it fresh in cartons in Hawaii and it's named POG . I use to be able to get Hawaiian delight mixture that was mostly sugar from Albertson"s and Von's but they don't carry it any more. Does anyone have any clues? Thanks.

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  1. Albertson's and Safeway in NorCal still carries Hawaiian Delight. Just bought some. You might ask for it. If that doesn't work you might need to go to da islands with a Hawaiian suitcase (plastic ice chest) and bring it back yourself. BTW, I believe the Haleakala Dairy stuff is now made in Texas.

    1. how about heading out to gardena/carson/south bay where there is a larger hawaiian community. you may also want to request it from the manager of your local market, sometimes they do listen to us...

      1. I've seen cans and smaller bottles of it at some Asian markets. There's one on Sawtelle-- not Nijiya, but the one closer to the Giant Robots-- that seems to h ave the largest variety I've seen thus far...

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        1. They serve it at a little Hawaiian restaurant in Mar Vista called Rutt's Cafe. They might be able to point you to a place to buy it.


          1. marukai in gardena is a huge japanese market and they'll have tons!

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              Thanks for all the places to explore I'm heading out tomorrow

              1. The Local Place Hawaiian restaurant on 184th & Western in Torrance sells Hawaiian Sun canned drinks. I always get the pass-o-guava flavor when I am there. Like the other poster, check places in Gardena. I'm pretty sure the big Japanese market (used to be Meiji Market) in Pacific Square on Redondo Beach Blvd. carries Hawaiian Sun brand.
                A classic flavor combination: POG and Maui potato chips...mmmm mmm Aloha!

                1. Boy....do I miss POG.....real POG! The stuff they try to pass off here is just vile. It is having a "little guava with your sugar" Why do they feel the need to add so much sugar and water to stuff.
                  Yes, POG and maui chips are great but even better is a POG-o-lada and Maui Chips. I am in Thousand Oaks and there is nothing remotely close where I can get this. Enjoy some for me.

                  1. Oddly enough, at Caltech we had POG in a giant juice bar as part of our cafeteria, so there's got to be a local source, even if by concentrate.

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                      Good luck in finding this. The best one is only available on Hawaiian Islands from Meadow Gold. There are two varities, POG, which is more of a punch:

                      There's also Pass O Guava Nectar which is 15% juice.

                      Both area refrigerated and all of the stores in the HI islands stock it (ABC, Star Market, Walmart) and if you fly Hawaiian Airlines, they serve it onboard as well.

                      The only thing I've seen that comes close is the Hawaiian Sun products that you can get at some of the Ralph's (Look in the Asian Foods Section) and Chowhound Favorite HOWS Markets has it as well. These are in a 12 oz soda can for about $1.25 each.

                      Somebody referred to Caltech's Juice bar, and yes you can get a concentrate for juice dispensers (commerical size) that's made by Vitality Juice. Only available if you are a food service establishment from Sysco etc.

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                        the meadow gold is exactly what i remember as really good,the hawaiian delight concentrate with the lots of sugar is what I got at albertson/vons good but not as good as the meadowgold stuff. I guess I'll try to get the sysco stuff from some one who owns a food service establishment to get me some or go to the islands. at one point they offered a Pog watch on the side of the carton which you could get by sending in labels. POG is a really refreshing drink in hot weather and good mixed with liquor.
                        thanks so much for the clarification.

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                          FWIW, the VIA Magazine (AAA) announced this month that Meadow Gold has plans in place to distribute their POG on the mainland.

                          That's what brought me here...I'm hunting for the "where" right now.

                    2. I'm not sure what you mean by "frozen" POG. I was born and raised in Hawaii, and the only POG I ever drink came in a can by Hawaiian Sun (so to me, that is the "authentic" kind.) If that type will satisfy your craving, you should head to Mitsuwa on Venice & Centinela in West LA--or even Long's Drugs. The one I go to (at Palms @ Sepulveda) often carries 6-packs.

                      1. There's a good store out in West LA called "Safe & Save Japanese Market." Its a small Hawaiian family-owned store and they got alot of Hawaiian foods, drink, snacks...even Zippys chili! I was surprised cause it ain't a place that stands out like the other bigger stores. I go there to make my "poke" cause they gots the freshest tuna and fish there too. Anyways, I'd recommend this place to anyone looking for general Hawaiian stuff.


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                          Safe and Save Market it out of business.

                        2. Still looking for the original Meadow Gold POG in a carton? I just bought some at Marukai in Gardena at Artesia and Western. My kids love it! Cost is $3.79 for a 64 oz carton. YUM!

                          1. Marukai in Gardena has the Meadow Gold POG in cartons, just like on the Islands. We mix it with Bacardi Light Rum and fresh lime, for a fabulous adult twist. Marukai has a great Hawaii section. Huli Huli sauce, coconut syrup, Lion coffee, etc.

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                              One of my favorite (and simple) drinks while in the South Pacific was overproof rum and lilikoi (with lime if available). I'll have to give your really fancy version a try!

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                                Bulavinaka: That sounds great! You gotta love lilikoi. We always use a light semi-inexpensive rum due to how quickly the bottle gets emptied when you start serving these drinks to a crowd! Everybody will start sharing stories of some rum soaked tropical escapade.