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Mar 19, 2007 05:31 PM

Spice house in St. Louis?

In Chicago I know there is the spice house (in Evanston and North side) where one can get quality spices (including Vanilla extract) sold cheaply and in almost any quantity needed. Is there a place in St Louis where I can do the same?

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  1. The Penzey's location in Maplewood is about your best bet in St. Louis.

    1. My favorite spice shop is the one in the middle of Soulard Farmer's Market. Huge selection, dirt cheap for their bulks. They also carry some name brands but I always go for the bulk spices.

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      1. re: DavesCheapEats

        Hey, Dave, is the shop open other days in addition to Saturdays? I don't shop on Sat., and therefore haven't been to Soulard in years. I loved the spice shop, and wasn't sure if it was still open.
        Do you know the name of the place? I don't recall that they had a phone!

        While I like Penzey's, I also recommend Jay's International Grocery on South Grand and Global Foods in Kirkwood for low cost, ethnic spices.

        Thanks, p.j.

      2. My family has always bought their spices from the Olde Towne Spice Shoppe in St Charles. You can reach them at online as well for ordering.

        A family member recently told me they were taken over by someone else, and weren't as good as before. I just ordered from them online and through the website and what I received in the mail I couldn't tell a difference. (I've been away from STL for a few years but still order my spices from them).