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Mar 19, 2007 05:16 PM

Good Indian in LA?

hey... looking for a good/great indian place for tonight. Any suggestions?

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  1. go to makkah halal on Vermont and 4th. get the tandoori plate for 2 and the lamb biriyani

    1. Gate of India. Santa Monica between 2nd and Ocean.

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        My husband and I ordered Makkah Halal last night for delivery and neither of us were too impressed. The garlic naan wasn't much more than a glorified pita. The chicken biryani didn't hold up against some of the biryanis I've had in Chicago, namely, Ghareeb Nawaz, which is heavenly (is there anyone out there who knows what I'm talking about?). It was honestly kind of boring and oily. I kept fishing for raisins and pinenuts to satisfy my tastebuds. A lemon wedge and a single slice of raw tomato sat on top of the dish. I squeezed the lemon over the rice to add flavor. It didn't really help. I bit into the tomato. It was mealy and flavorless.
        The eggplant bahrta was extremely oily. A half inch layer of oil sat on top of the dish. From what I can tell, it's deep fried eggplant that is then pureed and mixed with spices. But just like the biryani, it too lacked every flavor other than it was spicy. I was not impressed by it at all.
        We also ate a lamb dish that tasted exactly like the eggplant bahrta except had different ingredients.
        None of the meat was tasty. Nothing was impressive. Nothing was disgusting either. And they did deliver it to our house which is a plus.
        The End.

      2. I'm looking for good indian food but I'm in Orange County. So far I've tried the India Cook House which was great, but I'd like to try more. Chakra was alright, but too scene-ish.

        1. where in town are you?
          That might help.