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Mar 19, 2007 04:44 PM

ethnic groceries

What are peoples favorite ethnic grocery stores in Boston?, any kind of food !

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  1. The Armenian shops in Watertown at Mt. Auburn & Coolidge Streets - Sevan, Arax and a third whose name escapes me right now - for all things Middle Eastern.

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    1. re: peregrine

      Massis may be the third you are thinking of. When in that neighborhood, cross over to Belmont Street as well and add Eastern Lamejun Bakers to the trip.

      1. re: newhound

        highly recommend these stores, all pretty close to each other.

    2. I'm always finding excuses to head to Super 88 in Allston - tons of Chinese and other Asian groceries and produce, cheap fresh seafood, lots of other meats too (duck, pork, etc.) Picking up lunch at the food court there makes it worth the trip.

      1. Tropical Foods on Washington Street in Dudley Square has great selections of island, african and hispanic foods. They have great prices, and cheap meat as well.

        1. Reliable Market in Union Sq (somerville) for Korean and Japanese items
          Super 88 in allston for chinese (and a snack in the food court).
          Bazaar in Brookline for Russian.
          Arax in Watertown for Armenian.

          1. Second the Armenian shops, add the Dorcheser branch of Super 88, Kam Man Foods in Quincy, The Russian store in Washington Square (Russian village maybe?) The original Hyde Park location of Tutti Italiano, Salumeria in the North End, the Indian grocery in Trolley square in Framingham and the one next to the coop in Central Square.