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Mar 19, 2007 04:38 PM

suggestions for dinner in atlanta?

will be there on thursday night, staying on phoenix blvd. I have no clue about the area so i was hoping for recs close by. thanks!

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  1. What kind of transportation will you have? If you have a car, there are lots of options. Otherwise, get yourself to a MARTA train station. I'm most familiar with Decatur, and there are tons of restaurants & shops just off of the Decatur MARTA stop. East Point is quite close to the airport, and there are some pubs there, and Oz pizza should still be there.

    1. I have lived in ATL for 17 years. Where the devil is Phoenix Blvd?

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        My map says just south of the airport.

      2. potterybliss is right...alot depends on your transportation. The area around the Atlanta airport is not usually the best pick for restaurants. You may want to head up to the Highlands or midtown since you are south of the city--Maybe some of the places off Juniper Street--What type of restaurant are you looking for? Casual?? Upscale?? Oz pizza is good--but definitely a hole in the wall type place--

        1. You could try College Park, there used to be some good places out that way. Other than that I would head to VA Highlands.
          Hope you have a good stay!

          1. Don't know Atlanta that well as far as transportation or relation to the airport, but 2 of my favorites are Canoe and, oddly enough, Marietta Diner. Both Excellent!