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Mar 19, 2007 04:17 PM

best "food hood" in beantown

Like to spark up a discussion:

Allston tough to beat for sheer variety. With Super88, Yi Soon, Carlos, Russian Markets, and many others in the mix.

Chinatown, for all around wonderfullness.

North End, with the bakeries to boot, nuf said.

Even my own local local Coolidge Square in Watertown.

Confession: I don't make it to Dorchester often enough for Vietnamese, Jamaican, 'cue, etc.

Various neighborhoods in Somerville, Brookline, Jamaica Plain also deserve props.

Curious to hear what other hounds plug as their favorite geographic region for all around deliciousity.

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  1. I have got to go with you on Allston/No. Brookline, great restaurants, a lot of good delis and wine shops, Wulf's fish and Super 88. The only complaints are that there is no good butcher shop (we go to Newton Center to Dewar's when we want meat) and no good year-round veg market (have to make a trip by car to Russo's or Allandale Farm, though summers there is the farmers market on Thursdays). Of course if any one knows something I do not know about meat and vegetables, I'll be grateful.

    We also have a big soft spot for JP, because who could not.

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      When Roth's Meat and Fish Market in the Village closed, Brookine took a big hit, but there is still a small gem called Kurkman's Market on Cypress St in the Point. They grind their own burger, and the fish is fresh and they use local products. They were the first place to carry Clear Flour Bread way back when for example. The quality isn't Dewars but neither are the prices and they will do special orders. We always go there for the big holidays- my one experience waiting in line for the Christmas Beast at Dewars in Newton was truly horrible - never again. If you're going to drive to Russo's, another gem is DePasquale's Sausage factory in Nonamtem (I can't spell it but it's a village of Newton a few blocks from Russo's). The sausages and the ground meat are top quality and very reasonable and they have lots of Italian goodies as well.
      I'm surprised you didn't mention Whole Foods.

      1. re: ginnyhw

        I run hot and cold on Whole Foods. They are decent for fish and cheese, but the produce is no better than the chain groceries and they are shamelessly overpriced. And they're non-union.

        1. re: Gordito

          They're non-union, but they provide healthcare for their employees and pay way above the market rate. I'm pro-union, but I can live with a company that treats its employees well (Costco is another example).

          Whole Foods has great meat, but because of their prices, I tend to buy what's on sale. This weekend, I made a roast pork from there that was to die for. Their produce is better than Shaw's or Stop and Shop. Plus it's organic, if that's important to you.

    2. I think this was asked not too long ago with south end and north end being faves. I think it's easier to figure out the worst food hood. For best, I'd probably go with Allston altho upscale choices are few and far between.

      1. I previously lived in the Back Bay / SE for 11 years. I still work in the Back Bay and would rate this as one of the worst areas overall. Though it is fine for blowing big $$ on my company's expense account. You can't beat the high end indulgences over here (L'Espalier, Sorrelina, Mistral, Via Matta, Clio, etc.).

        I live in Mid-Cambridge now and can't imagine being much happier food wise. With the warm weather coming we have the options in Inman, Harvard, Central and even Somerville within walking distance. If only we could get a great sushi place on this side of the river, life would be complete.

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        1. re: Gabatta

          I cast my vote for mid-Cambridge/Inman/Central also. Where else can you get food from all over the world delivered to your doorstep?

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            I agree. Cambridge definitely has a lot of variety, some upscale restaurants that repeatedly get good reviews, and a myriad of ethnic restaurants to choose from.

            1. re: AnjLM

              Not to mention food markets:

              New Deal Fish, corner of Cambridge & Fulkerson
              Courthouse Seafood
              The Indian Market next to Harvest Coop
              The little gourmet market attached to Christina's ice cream
              Proximity to two Whole Foods and Trader Joe's
              Proximity to two Korean/Japanese markets
              The variety of bodegas (Columbia Market, for example) where you can get ingredients from the Caribbean, and Central and South America.

          2. I'm casting a vote for Eastie. Ceviche at Rincon Limeno, wonderful pupsas all over the place, great Italian at Rino's, fantastic subs at Meridien Market, Santarpios.....just to name a few.

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            1. re: eLizard

              I'm with you for RL and Eastie.

            2. i would say cambridge; seems like 50% of all the places i like/want to go try out are in cambridge, with the other half sort of evenly spread out over greater boston. wish i could afford cambridge...sigh...

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                Cambridge isn't a neighborhood tho.