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Mar 19, 2007 04:15 PM

Cassatedde a sicilian pastry made for easter??

In American I guess it would translate to Ricotta Turnovers or deep fried pockets of ricotta cheese, sugar, chocolate chips!!! The best thing you will ever taste in life or in heaven.
It puts the zeppole to shame and thats saying alot from a guy who worships le zeppole!

Anyone know where I can find them in the 5 boros? Im looking for an authentic Sicilian bakery that makes them the right way. There was a small cafe in my hood that made them for St. Josephs and Easter time but they moved back to Sicily.

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  1. i actually just had them recently. i am on long island and there is an italian pastry shop in lindenhurst called patsys (sp?) we always get our cassata cakes there. i'm part sicilian and on LI it's one of the best i have tasted