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Mar 19, 2007 03:32 PM

BBQ Resaurants in Northbay

Recently moved to the Bay Area (town of Sonoma) from Kansas City and looking for true southern, midwest or TX bbq places to get my fix. Any suggestion and why? Thanks<Pat

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  1. Most people from the midwest/south/Texas/etc. find the SF Bay Area BBQ offerings to be pretty 2nd rate. There is a place in north Petaluma (on the east side of Highway 101, in a strip mall near the Kohl's department store) that is worth trying. I have had decent ribs there.

    If you do a search for BBQ on this board, you may be able to pull up some prior discussions on Bay Area BBQ.

    1. There's a lot of discussion here about barbecue, so do some searching. Different people have different favorites. I'm from Missouri and have eaten a lot of Kansas City barbecue. My favorites are Memphis Minnie's (SF) and Doug's (Half Moon Bay). Newer and pretty good for some things (not their beans) is Roadside BBQ (SF). There are several in the East Bay including a couple newer ones that people like (can't remember the names).

      The Petaluma place mentioned above is Jerome’s Mesquite Bar-B-Que, 1390 N. McDowell, 707-795-2114. It's a restaurant, not a bbq joint, but they have pretty good bbq. I remember liking their pork ribs and not liking their beef ribs (others here love their beef ribs). Give it a try.

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          Jerome's does have and use a smoker. Many think their beef ribs are good, and I am one of them. Picture of a half order.

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            Sorry, not able to upload pic.

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              I also am a fan of their beef ribs...big and succulent......

          2. If you make it down and over to Berkeley, TRex near San Pablo and Gilman is the best I've had in the area. Their brisket and ribs are quite good, but the pulled pork I've had there has been pretty shabby. Also, it's about the most un-bbq setting you can imagine.

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              I was not too impressed with T-Rex's spareribs when they opened, but they've gotten much better. Best I know of these days. Great vegetables, too.

            2. That Texas-style brisket place in Santa Rosa closed, right?

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              1. re: Robert Lauriston

                Stimm's/Black Bean? Yeah, they closed.

              2. I'm from here so I don't know about KC style but BarbersQ just opened in Napa and it's great.
                This may not be fair but my impression is that a lot of BBQ elsewhere uses cheap meat and all the magic is in the sauce. At BarbersQ you could actually taste the meat and it's mostly local, sustainable great stuff. There is sauce and it was delicious but I don't know how much it differs from KC.
                The menu features almost all the top players in Bay Area/North Bay food scene.
                Stephen Barber was the brains behind Mecca in SF until he left a year or so ago.

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                1. re: Earl Grey

                  Wow ... congrats ... the absolutely first web mention of BarbersQ since it opened. Not even in yellow pages yet ... Que by Barber ... get it.

                  An article about plans to open the place says it is Memphis-style barbecue using local, organic and naturally raised products.

                  It is on highway 29 in the Bel Aire Plaza with the Target, correct?

                    1. re: Robert Lauriston

                      Yep. All pre-opening. EG is the first person to have actually eaten there and reported it. For future reference, here's the website which is still just smoke.