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Mar 19, 2007 03:27 PM

great Japanese in Forest Hills

Since my trip to Japan last year, I've been looking for a good Japanese restaurant on my home turf. I found what I was looking for at Ran in Forest Hills. They do kansei (Kyoto) style cuisine. Their sushi has been impeccable. (IMHO much better than Mickey's). We were in on saturday for lunch, and had their bento. The fish component was lightly seared tuna in ponzu sauce that blew us away. The futo maki was the best I've ever eaten.

I'm worried about this place. I really love it. It's close to where I live, the Forest Hills food wasteland. It doesn't seem to be catching on. I don't want to lose it. Please, hounds, give them a shot.

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  1. Where are they located exactly? I live in FH and would love to try them.

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    1. re: moymoy

      103-01 metropolitan ave
      718 897-6530

    2. Is that the place across from the Barnes and Noble?

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      1. re: jza1218

        No. They are on the north side of Metropolitan, East of Continental Avenue.

        1. re: SuzyP

          Went in there last week, and asked for a menu, they only had a lunch menu available...have been getting great looking bell and evans chicken breasts from Metro Meats..couple doors down...

          1. re: janie

            that's weird. we've had dinner there, and they definitely had a dinner menu. Maybe since business has been so bad they are changing it.

            1. re: SuzyP

              i meant a "to go" menu, not an in house menu...owner was very nice, and the place is lovely looking....will definitely try them out this week.......

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                BTW, I use Mitch (Metro Meats) too. He grinds meat in front of you (just like the old days) and his meats are good. If you want anything even slightly out of the ordinary, you have to order in advance, but he will get it for you.

      2. I've been there twice and both times the food was terrific. The best sushi I've had in Queens so far, and I've been to quite a few places both in Forest Hills and beyond. I second the Futomaki and the Tuna & Avocado appetizer was excellent as well. In addition very good service and nice looking place. I don't want to lose it either!

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        1. re: mistahone

          stopped by there today, just to grab some veg sushi to go, wanted cucumber, avocado, and scallion roll, and he still didn't have a to-go menu...I believe I spoke with the owner, as this was the same man I had seen earlier when I was given a zerox of what appeared to be a menu in the works of some sort...I told him what I wanted and asked the price and he told me $5, for 6 pieces. His price for cucumber maki was I believe $3.50 on his menu..and calif roll around the same price I believe, so how cucumber, avocado, and scallion becomes $5, I can't really figure.

          Anyway, I said very nicely and politely to him that was a high price, as I paid $3.50-$4 elsewhere for exactly the same thing, unless they were very large rolls (like at Whole Foods--where they charge $4.99 and you get 8 pieces)--he said they were reg size (which means 6 small pieces)..There was a table in the front with 2 people who were waiting for food, but the place was empty otherwise, and this was about 1:30pm on sat, today...Instead of explaining his price, he promptly and quite rudely said, that I should go somewhere else, then. And, I did. Don't think this kind of attitude or prices will work for the takeout crowd, or for those of those that perhaps aren't into raw fish, but still enjoy veggie versions of sushi...I generally get takeout sushi alot, and usually get 3 rolls of something which comes to about $12---I just couldn't bring myself to pay $10 for 2 rolls of something with nothing in it except for minscule amounts of cucumber, scallion and avocado...and the labor thing,...well...even I know how to make this kind sushi, it's not rocket, unfortunately, I won't be supporting this place...prices are just too high in my opinion...perhaps their cooked stuff is a better value...not sure how they will fare in this neighborhood...that part of Metropolitan serves a very diverse crowd...

          How is the Japanese place up the block from there? And what about Sushi Siam across the street, any good???

          1. re: janie

            I am so suprised by your experience. The servers have always been very nice to me, and the chef just seems kind of shy. He isn't very English proficient, or at least seems to think he isn't.

            Anyway, the futomaki that I had in a lunch bento was huge. It was about 2 1/2 or 3 inches in diameter.

            If you are referring to Megumi Sushi on Metro, closer to Woodhaven, I thought the food was okay, but I had an unpleasant exchange with the owner there. Go know.

            1. re: janie

              IMO, Ran is leagues better (and more authentic) than Megumi. Granted I've only been to each one only once...I was really impressed by Ran. Hope it sticks around.

              1. re: janie

                While I haven't been to Ran yet I think, based on their menu and what other people on this board have said about it, that it's really not the place to go for vegetarian sushi. I think it's geared more towards people looking for something a little more authentic.

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