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Mar 19, 2007 03:27 PM

La Casa del Mole Poblano (Tijuana)

A few people have mentioned this place to me over the past year, so yesterday my girlfriend and I decided to check it out while in Tijuana. Nice, casual place situated around an indoor waterfall. The only thing I didn't like was the corrogated plastic roof, which seemed more suited to a shed than a restaurant. The interior was very quaint though.

The waiter could see us scratching out heads trying to decide, so he brought out a plate with about 7 different moles/sauces along with some tortilla chips. Sometimes I'm not sure what distinguishes a mole from a a "salsa" because all of these but the mushroom one had a very similar "mole" consistency and are available with a choice of chicken leg (abt. $7.75) or breast (abt. $6.80). With this you get a bowl of chicken soup with rice and cilantro (served prior to entree). The plate itself comes with small flour tortillas and the standard rice and beans with a little queso fresco. Here are the 7 sauces:

Mole Poblano (dark chocolate, chile and ground peanut sauce).
Mole Almendrado (Mole with ground almonds)
Mole Ranchero (mild chili-based mole, possibly with garlic and black pepper)
Mole Verde (tomatillo-based? Had an odd flavor I was unable to identify)
Cream of Cilantro Sauce
Salsa de Chipotle
Cream of Mushroom Sauce

Frankly, I thought they all tasted pretty good, although the cream of mushroom seemed more appropriate as a stand-alone soup than as a sauce for chicken. In the end I chose the pierna (leg) con mole ranchero and my girlfriend got the pechuga (breast) with cilantro cream mole. I would stick with the leg, which was more moist than the breast.

Lunch for two plus two margaritas (which were amazing, btw), two bottled waters, tax and tip was $30. I wouldn't call this place superb, but it definitely meets its price point, and the selection of moles makes it worth checking out if you're already down there.

La Casa del Mole Poblano
Paseo de los Heroes No. 10501 in Zona Rio
Tijuana, B.C.
011-52 (664) 634-6920

p.s. for those of you who don't venture out in T.J. much, I highly recommend checking out CECUT (Tijuana Cultural Center), which has an amazing museum covering the history of Baja from the stone ages to the present (Museo de las Californias) and the nearby Mercado Hidalgo, a teeming indoor-outdoor market that is every bit as "authentic" as markets you find in non-border Mexican cities. Both of these are a quick cab ride from the border (take a red and white Taxi Libre -- cheaper) and Casa del Mole is another quick cab ride from there.

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  1. Great report and thanks for the transportation and cultural tips. I am planning a trip down within a month or so. Casa d Mole and MH is on my list as well as a Birreria smwh near the market. Maybe breakfast at Sanborns.

    Did you catch the Bull fighting ring? I heard they are tearing it down.

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    1. re: kare_raisu

      Hey KR, good to hear you're planning a trip town to TJ. I've only been to the bull fights once, about 10 years ago. It was a little too barbaric for me (it was the bloodiest fight my bull fight aficionado friend had ever seen). It's true that they've begun tearing down the bull ring, but last I heard they had halted the demolition to "explore" whether it should be preserved as some kind of landmark. The one in Playas de Tijuana still stands.

      Btw, if you're interested in having a raucous time with a bunch of roudy Mexicans, another place I can recommend in that area is Cantina de los Remedios, which in my experience has great food. I especially like the molcajetes.

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        You are talking about Tacos Fitos(5AM-1PM), I believe.It's located outside the Mercado Hidalgo on C. Javier Minas close to Sanchez Taboada.The best "birria de res" in TJ and the fastest taquero I've ever seen.Most birria stands in Tijuana have birria de res.It's an event going to Fito's. They also have tripas.

        The bullring is gone; just the one in Playas remains.

      2. Great report, looks like yo had a great mole eating time, we used to go to Mercado Hidalgo for their Carrnitas tacos, inside the market, the best carnitas and salsa that I have tasted anywhere.
        I will try to go to Casa del Mole next time I am in Tijuana, my mother(rip), told me about this place once, she mentioned that they had good mole ranchero.
        Thanks for a great report!

        1. thanks for great post. we went to cecut, had a great time. caught a collectivo ($1 person) and went to the casa de mole. had a great lunch (enchiladas with diff moles, melted cheese app, tres leches cake and lots of margaritas.) there was a great piano player there and the service was great and the food fantastic. especially the mole poblano sauce. afterwards, checked out the mercado hidalgo (where they sell all manner of wonderful chiles and fruits and veggies.) then onto the mercado de artesania (mostly a craft market at 2nd and Negrete streets) and finally home in the mexicoach bus (which takes you across the border for $8 round trip, without the long waits or much walking, which was great for us because a few of us have health problems which make walking difficult). most of the cabs were 3-5 bucks. all in all a great trip. thanks for the info!

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            Glad to hear you enjoyed it. Thanks for the tips on the Mexicoach and mercado de artesania.

          2. Hey Mangiatore, it's nice to see reports from south of the border !

            Tijuana presents a great oportunity for southern california to experience authentic mexican cuisine !

            I have also tried Casa del Mole and it is quite an interesting experience. As you mention, the food is excellent for the price point. You can always count on an excellent meal usually.

            Personally I am quite fond of both the cilantro and chipotle sauces, they are excellent on enchiladas.

            However what I am most fond of is the chili mixture they usually have on their tables, it is basically crushed chilis with peanuts and other spices, it makes for an excellent condiment to any of their dishes !