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Mar 19, 2007 02:54 PM

AARGH! Why are you locking items on "site talk" board??

How can u call this site talk if u can't talk about site???!!!

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  1. We occasionally make posts to clarify how we moderate in certain scenarios. We use those posts as a reference when the issue comes up again in the future, so we lock them to keep them clear and useful as a resource.

    We don't moderate by consensus, so threads started to complain about policies will generally be removed. However, if the policy is unclear, a new thread on Site Talk or an email to is the right way to ask questions.

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    1. re: The Chowhound Team

      I usually dont post about these kind of things but, every once in awhile, I just want to make sure you consider all the factors. First of all, the first paragraph is clear and I can accept not wanting a long thread that winds up confusing everyone more than clarifying. At least, by locking it, we can all easily find the policy. I get it.

      My only reason for writing is that you seem to have been a little quick and inflammatory with the beginning of your second paragraph. Asking to discuss the way things are done on a "site talk" board is not the same as complaining; similarly, trying to give input on issues is not the same as asking you to "moderate by consensus". Seemingly, you're limiting the discussion to "if the policy is unclear". I dont think you meant it to sound that way &, hopefully, my foray onto this board will get you all thinking about how some things sound to us.

      Moderation of this place cannot be an easy task and you certainly do not owe anyone an explanation for your decisions. But, as can be seen by the way this not so hypothetical situation was handled on the specific board, you ARE open to input; after all, you left one post on that board to make sure that we all knew that a popular CH place was temporarily closed, without compromising the policy about Health violation reporting. So, why not take the credit, thank everyone for their input and not sound so grouchy? :-)

      1. re: Steve R

        Steve, Our volunteers (and the handful of paid staffers) aren't grouchy, they're just real tied up deflecting, 24/7, the guerilla marketers, vandals, and psychos (and guiding newcomers, cleaning up flame wars, etc etc). They lack time to go back and forth with the countless thousands of incredibly opinionated and dauntlessly outpsoken chowhounds (that's what we love about them!), each of whom has a better idea of how to run the site. They've got their hands full as-is.

        But if you want to volunteer to fill that function, drop an email. I have to warn you, though...once that window is opened and you're freely offering cheery, grateful thanks for input, there will be literally no end to the input. So you may have to quit your day job and enlist a few dozen friends to help out. Oh, and you can't just walk away from the task, because engaging and then stopping is worse than not engaging at all.

        1. re: Jim Leff

          Respecting the job folks do doesn't have to mean that they're always seen as perfect nor that I want to have their jobs. Responding with fewer defensive comments wont add more time or lower the effectiveness, but might make the receiver of the message more encouraged. In this case, I thought they were serving up something less than delicious and, although this is one of my favorite places to eat, I just wanted them to hear my perspective. Wont stop me from seeing this as a regular place to be nor from leaving a big (figurative) tip.

          1. re: Steve R

            Well put, Steve, if a bit overly deferential. Less snark from the staff would be appreciated - our eyeballs pay their bills.

            Feedback to The Chowhound Team: Somehow, other fora flourish in the absence of a "no bad news" policy. I found out about the closure that prompted this discussion somewhere else days before I inferred it from the locked and pruned remains of threads here - your policy is literally driving people away from your site for breaking chow news. Bummer.

            1. re: terrier

              We're not a site for breaking chow news. As you say, there are many forums and media outlets out there that handle that niche much better than we do. Our goal is simply to share tips on where to find the best chow.

              BTW please do keep in mind that "the staff" consists 100% of hounds. We all participate actively in the site and most of us are volunteers who donate our time to make this site a better place to be.

              1. re: The Chowhound Team

                But there's a problem here: If people show up at a closed restaurant, that doesn't help them find the best chow!

                1. re: Pan

                  Which is why we said here:

                  "Places actually closed by board of health create a problem for us. There's clear need for hounds to be informed of restaurants closed for any reason, but discussion following announcements of health dept closings inevitably brings out the aforementioned problems. So it's ok to announce temporary closings, but not discussion of issues underlying the closing."

            2. re: Steve R

              You took me wrong. I meant it dead straight. There are many volunteers back here donating hours per day toward tedious work, all mission critical (keeping the site honest, friendly, and on-topic). There is no time for the level of cheery engagement you'd like to see. If someone wanted to devote themselves to the task, then it could happen.

              Terrier, I'm sorry if the way we do things isn't how you'd do them. We chose back in 1997 to be a highly moderated forum, and that choice has worked well for us. Thousands of devoted users count on us to keep doing things as we've done them, though we do realize every policy can't possibly please every user....especially when the users are picky chowhounds like you and me!