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Mar 19, 2007 02:51 PM

Best Vegan Grocery Store

I go to Whole Foods, but it's always crowded and I end up spending a ton of time there because it's so huge. I'm looking for the best alternative where I can find vegan staples at a reasonable price. (Bonus if it's on the UWS)

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  1. Fairway (on broadway between 74th and 75th) is probably the best grocery store in the world. amazing selection and truly unbelievable prices. upstairs is the organic/vegan friendly stuff. i grew up right around the corner from this fairway and it served me well when i decided to become vegan in high school. now i live in brooklyn and go to the one in red hook. hope this helps.

    1. Fairway is a great choice. While not on the UWS, there's Integral Yoga on 13th Street. While not 100% vegan, they are 100% vegetarian.

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        While I now live in L.A., I'm a native New Yorker and UWS dweller.
        I recommend Gary Null's Whole Foods at 89th and Broadway.
        If it's as good as it used to be, it would be a nice alternative to the giant whole foods at the Time Warner center.

        2421 Broadway
        New York, NY 10024
        Cross Streets: (at 89th St.)
        Phone: (212) 874-4000


      2. Not on the UWS, but the Park Slope Food Coop is the best for vegan staples and organic veggies, and the prices are amazing.