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Mar 19, 2007 02:45 PM

What do you do when your BEST recipe is lost?

Okay, so we've all had it happened at least once. You clip a recipe out of the newspaper from 20 odd years ago, wrote down the PERFECT combination of ingredients on the back of an old envelope, or inherited Grandma's recipe stash (or say keep it in your computer). BUT, now you go to find it, it is missing (or deleted). What have you done, other than cry and hid under your blanket sobbing?

Has anyone ever found or perfectly re-created it?

Please share your experiences...

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  1. Sharing recipes is the best way never to lose them. My sister is a great baker but I have given her our grandmother's oatmeal cookie recipe so many times I have lost track. If others have the recipe you are much more likely to get it back.

    1. sharing recipes is good. typing them into the computer and backing up the hard drive is my way.

      1. There is a good search engine I use, which is very helpful.

        1. The answer: Chowhound!!

          I had a recipe I'd clipped out of the Boston Globe a few summers back, for a complex summer salad incorporating farro, cherries, broccoli rabe and pecans. Last summer, I looked for the clipping and couldn't find it. There was no way I could recreate it from memory. After a fruitless search on the Globe's website, I posted an inquiry on Chowhound and within a day or two several people forwarded the recipe to me. I was amazed by the quick response and so happy to have the recipe.

          Now I see that the original post is about a recipe that goes back a generation or more. That's more of a challenge - but Chowhound readers and contributors may well come to your rescue.