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Mar 19, 2007 02:31 PM

Best "I Can't Sleep" Food

Had terrible insomnia last night which I usually remedy with some cooked rice which I warm up with milk and sugar. Had neither in the apartment and suffered!

What are other good sleep-inducing foods (besides the obvious, warm milk, turkey, etc)?

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  1. Sorry. That sucks. Apparently bananas are supposed to help.

    1. I like toast (or ideally fresh bread) with butter and honey or molasses. And the obvious glass of warm milk as an accompaniment.
      My father eats saltines with butter slathered on them while wandering from from room to room reading Milton.
      My husband read too much Little Nemo as a child and refuses to eat anything late at night on the grounds that food before bed causes strange dreams.

      1. I've been told that carbs help, and I usually have some toast or crackers or something like that when I can't sleep, and it really does help me.

        1. A piece of toast w/peanut butter. For some reason, the warmed peanut butter really does the trick. And of course, washing it down w/a glass of milk doesn't hurt either.

          1. I try to avoid anything with sugar in it since that will just exacerbate the problem, so I stick to toast with grated cheese (melted under the broiler) or toast with peanut butter.