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Mar 19, 2007 02:03 PM

Quiet Sunday Lunch/Brunch Spot Between Woodland Hills and Oxnard

I am looking for a nice, quiet place where we can eat, relax, chat and linger for lunch/brunch on Sunday between Woodland Hills and Oxnard.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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  1. I'll just throw out a few of my favorite places for Sunday lunch: Gorikee in Woodland Hills (Cal-Asian), Ali Baba in Newbury Park (Lebanese), Azucar in Camarillo (Puerto Rican). All three should be quiet on Sunday.

    1. I did a similar post a couple weeks ago and a fellow CH-er pointed us to Herzog winery in Oxnard. Yeah, who knew. Here is my post:
      Actually, this being a kosher winery, it was closed on Saturday and open on Sundays. We made reservations online and we on Sunday. Thanks for the rec - It was something new and differnent in the area. There was some misses and mix-ups on the service but nothing unforgiveable. The food was good - not stellar, but we thought it was a good value. (We did the winetasting lunch at $40/pp. A salad course, fairly good sized entree, desert and wine pairings. We were surprised that our favorite wine/course pairing was the salad with a Rose of Cab Sauv. Looking forward to seeing what the chefs do for the spring menu. Thanks for the tip - it was a nice afternoon.

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        Wow, thank you for this suggestion! I think this is the place for me to go on Sunday! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

        1. re: kajtf

          kajtf - Go to the website above. Take a look at the menu, hours and you'll need to make reservations. Getting there....get off at Del Norte turn left and go south (over the fwy towards the ocean) go straight until you get to camino del sol, turn right and 100yrs on your right. If you do go, be sure to post about your visit. Enjoy!

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            Hi nancyc4fun! We had lunch at the restaurant in the Herzog Wine Cellar and Oxnard yesterday, and it was a pleasant experience. I had the wine tasting lunch. I enjoyed the food, although I didn't enjoy the wine too much. However, for $40 for 3 courses per person, I really could not complain. The ambiance was quite nice as well. Although the service was not exceptional, I would say it was not bad. I will definitely be returning! Thanks again for your suggestion!