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Mar 19, 2007 01:40 PM

Best Boston Prix Fix

Looking for suggestions on where to get a great Prix Fix meal under $50 in the Boston area (downtown, back bay, south end - brookline/newton works as well). Definite bonus if there are more than 2 options for each course. Wine pairings for additional $ also will be considered.

Thanks in advance for all your recommendations!

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  1. Grotto in Beacon Hill has a lovely prix fixe meal. The exact offerings change by season, but they always have more than two choices for each course. A 3 course meal is usally about $35 per person.

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      I'll second Grotto. We had a wonderful meal there. When I went there were 4 or 5 options for entrees (I ordered Chicken Saltimboca which was excellent), and 4 options for their appetizer. We went with the pudding for dessert, which was more like a giant truffle. I had to be rolled out of there!

    2. Rendezvous in Central Square has a fixed price menu on Sunday nights. I have not been since the end of the summer, but then it was ~$30 and had at least 5 choices for each course. I have been twice and both times I found the food to be very good.

      1. Pretty much all the Cantonese places in Chinatown have fixed price menus, with a range of prices that can vary from under $20 a person to over $300 a person for food alone. Best to have 4 or more people. No real choice in terms of courses but there's always flexibility in swapping dishes and one gets at least 5 or more courses.

        1. Uni does a four-course prix fixe on Sunday nights for $40++ that includes a "sake bomb", kind of a Japanese Boilerrmaker (shot of sake in a glass of beer). I haven't tried it, but it seems like a pretty good deal for that place.

          1. I have always wanted to try the Tuesday Wine Dinners at Ten Tables because I have always heard rave reviews about the restaurant. The website says 4 courses & 4 glasses of wine for $39.

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              Even more reasonably priced are their Wednesday prix fixe meals --$25 for three courses (app, main and dessert). Like Grotto, you simply get the regular menu and you can choose whatever you want off the menu.