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Mar 19, 2007 01:36 PM

Azami was horrible!

I live right down the street from Azami on Melrose, and it used to be a pretty dependable place for decent, affordable sushi. But I was appalled when I visited the place this weekend. Tuna, kampachi and yellowtail were all super fishy and funky and made my stomach churn. Blue crab handrolls tasted like an ikcy tunafish salad. And the squid sushi featured squid that was STILL FROZEN. The whole thing was a mess. And then the bill came. I was the only one eating -- and the check with sake and beer -- was over $70 before tip. For one person. And my poor boyfriend had to pay -- I felt so bad! Anyhow, that's the heads up. This place is OVER. Anyone else have an experience like this?

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  1. i was there 2 weeks ago on a tue night and it was as good as ever. i never eat sushi on the weekend so i'm not sure if that makes any difference as far as the freshness and quality. did you mention this to either niki or saori?

    1. Very surprised--given descriptions I would even say shocked--to hear that. I went as recently as Friday and it was as good as ever. I did not have tuna, regular yellowtail or kampachi this weekend (had amazing yellowtail belly though) and a wonderful blue crab handroll. I have never eaten fish there that did not taste fresh, let alone frozen! Did you say something re the squid? Truly boggles my mind. Re the price, normally when I do omakase, it is $45/person. (Maybe difference accounted for sake? - I always do beer which is not very expensive)

      Anyway, based on my experiences, definitely not over.

      1. Aside from the one surly (borderline satanic,) waitress, I've never had any trouble at Azami. Certainly not with the quality of the fish....

        1. Just went 2 weeks ago, got omakase from Niki for lunch on a weekday, and it was great as always. Scallops with uni, spanish mackerel, kanpachi, toro, etc. were all super fresh. Bill was about $50 per person, and we ate quite a bit. Sorry you had a bad time, but I've yet to be disappointed by Azami.

          1. Wow. I cant believe you are talking about the same Azami. I can honestly say that some of the best meals of my life have been there. I was there this last Friday also and did the omakase- everything was perfect, and very fresh. Sorry you had a bad experience, but this place is definitely NOT over.