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Mar 19, 2007 01:28 PM

Easter Reccomendations

The family will be in town. Five adults and two children. We have a reservation at Henrietta's Table. However I am looking for options we might not have considered. Definitely want somewhere in Boston of Cambridge. Price is not really a concern.

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  1. Have never done this ourselves but the Odyssey Cruise brunch on Easter is very popular.

    1. Henrietta's is great you should still go there

      1. I would check out the brunch at the Four Seasons. I have always enjoyed it. Afterwards, you can stroll through the Public Garden. I am in the minority who has never thought H's Table merits the raves it gets.

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        1. re: three of us

          I am also considering Henrieta's Does anyone know what they charge for Easter. I would have a bunch of kids under 8 do you know what they charge for kids. I just want to give the family a heads up to what to expect. Thanks for the help. Also, is it similar to the Sunday Brunch?

        2. I actually had brunch there yesterday and it was beyond superb! The Four Seasons brunch is the greatest brunch I have ever or will eat at! The food is incredible and so is the service.

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          1. re: hoplover

            Henrietta's is $55 per person (I did not ask what it was going to cost for the kids. I think Henrietta's is very good (not great), however we have been there a lot and wouldn't mind trying something different.

            We considered the Odyssey, but will some of the family members didn't seem too excited about this. I was OK with the decision as I am a bit wary of the food.

            I thought of Aujourd'hui as well, but was wary of taking two 5 year olds there. Any thoughts on this? The seafood table really can't be beat there.

            The Ritz did a nice Easter brunch in the past which was kid friendly, however I have no idea what the transition to the Taj means.

            Still holding out hope for an unforseen option, but we have the Henrietta's reservation in case.

            1. re: Gabatta

              The Bristol may be more casual and thus a more relaxed atmosphere for the children.


              Scroll down for the typical brunch menu.

              1. re: three of us

                I had just tried to book Henrietta's for 2 on Easter and could only get a 2:30 rez which I took.

          2. More casual, but certainly kid-friendly, would be the Blue Room in Cambridge/Kendall Sq. for their April 8th "elaborate Easter brunch". $30 adults, $15 children:

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              How much does the Brunch cost per adult.The Seafood Table sounds amazing. Has to be close to $100 per person. Am I close?

              1. re: Northstar22

                I've always enjoyed the brunch at the Langham(was the Meridien) for many years. How does it compare to the one at the Four Seasons?