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The Cupcake Shop - Raleigh

It seems like ages since someone posted about Raleigh, so here goes:

I was driving down Glenwood South and saw a storefront under constuction with a cute little sign that said "The Cupcake Shoppe."

So my two questions are: Has anyone heard anything about this place? And second, does this mean we're a "city" now?!

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  1. I've been walking by this place hoping it will be open since last summer.

    1. http://www.raleighing.com/2006/03/cup...

      Edit: I got all excited about it until I realised this was from a year ago (sigh)

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        A year? Geez! I do hope it opens soon.........

      2. They had some unexpected delays redoing the plumbing etc. Should be opening in late April or early May. Will be a neat addition to Glenwood South.

        1. I think it is going to take a little more than a cupcake store to make Raleigh a "city."

          This city really lacks any decently priced restaurants with a solid menu.

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          1. re: DCtoNC

            We're getting a cupcake store? That must mean the trend is long over if one is opening here/

            1. re: rockycat

              My husband and I was thinking along the same lines driving by last night. I saw the sign go up in that location when the "cupcake trend" was in full swing. Now that it looks like it is going to open, it seems the trend is dwindling. I am assuming, for its sake, that is serves more than cupcakes!

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                Edible Arts on Hillsboro St. accross from Meredith College makes some excellent cakes. Been a while since i have been but it is definitely worth checking out, they may have cupcakes as well.

          2. i had some of their cupcakes at a private party a month ago. heavenly. so they are most likely opening, i hope anyway!

            1. They are indeed open and their cupcakes are amazing.

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                I stopped by yesterday. They have interesting flavors: Peanut Butter Cup, Cookie Monster, Mint Condition, etc. They are open from 10 p.m. until 8 p.m.

              2. We went tonight and it was so good! The "You Mocha Me Crazy" and "Big Red" come highly recommended. The Peanut Butter was a little dry. I also got the the chocolate mint but I'll have to report back on that one.

                1. Y'all... SO GOOD. Just had a few varieties from there this weekend. Beautiful piping on the cupcakes.

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                    Okay, maybe it is just me, but I am not thrilled with these cupcakes. VERY heavy cake and the icing is so sweet it hurts my teeth. Bought some for a kids birthday and the kids just picked at them.

                    1. re: nc2gagirl

                      I think it all sort of depends on what you like. If you love tons of icing like my 4 year old and I do, you'll probably think they're great. If you routinely scrap off the icing on cake and focus on the cake part like my wife, you may have the same reaction as VaNC. We sampled 4 at my house and the vote was 2 to 1 in favor but, I must admit, even I thought there was a bit too much icing on some of them. I could go for a bit less product all around for a little lower price point but, then again, I've never been to a cupcake shop before so maybe $2 or $2.50 per cupcake is pretty standard?

                      1. re: Guilty Gourmand

                        I tried the chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting a few days ago and was also disappointed. I think I fall into the Guilty Gourmond's wifes and VaNC's category of way to much frosting. Also I thought the sweetness of the frosting overshadowed any chocolate taste of the cake. It seems like the store is a hit though and the staff was really nice.

                        1. re: jean9

                          We took an out-of-town friend and my seven-year old daughter there this weekend. They were good, but not great. The cake part was heavier than I would have liked, and I thought maybe they did that to hold all the icing. The flavors were great, but the texture of the cake was average.

                  2. My wife and I went this Friday night. They are open until 11 pm. We were very disappointed. My wife had the "mint condition" (chocolate cake with mint icing) and I had a "black & white" (chocolate cake with vanilla icing). Both of the cupcakes were exceedingly dry. The frosting was just ok and there was too much of it. I wish I had tried one with cream cheese frosting, instead of the buttercream. Maybe that would be better. I also wish there was more variety, at least in the appearance of the cupcakes. The shop is pretty cute though, and they have a pitcher of water for free drinks. Our two cupcakes totaled $5. I'm pretty hesitant about going back.

                    1. Husband and I just tried out some cupcakes and agree with some of the other reviews.. we both had chocolate cupcakes - I had the chocolate with chocolate icing and husband had chocolate cake with peanut butter icing. We both agreed the cakes were dry and there was too much (and stacked high!) icing. I felt the icing was good but I made a mess of myself trying to eat the cake as it came with no fork.

                      Since some people felt theirs were moist and wonderful I wonder if it's just the chocolate ones that are dry? People who felt they were dry seem to all have had chocolate. Not sure.

                      1. After waiting with high hopes for what? two years? I went with a friend to finally experience what I was hoping to be cupcake nirvana...very cute shop and very cute wait staff. We ordered several different flavors to make sure we got a fair and varied sample. Appearance - very professional and attractive Icing - all flavors were at least tasty and texture was good enough (orange was the best) Cake - every last flavor (new or old in the case) was dry, dry and drier and none really had anything I couldn't live without. In fact we didn't want to take more than one bite of more than a couple flavors. So, with heavy hearts and rumbly stomachs we left. I truly hope they change their recipes a bit. We all really want it to be successful, but taste always trumps cute when it comes to cupcakes! Work it out ladies...we're hungry.

                        1. i also gave this place a few tries. i find the cake on many flavors to be dry. i also think the icing can be tasty, but there's too much of it. you can't eat it with your hands, you have to use a fork. also the appearance of the cupcakes are sloppy. the edges of the cake are brown. for the price, you should be getting a perfect cupcake. i used to live in nyc and this is no magnolia bakery. the shop itself is cute and the idea is great but the cupcakes aren't. plain and simple. i don't know if it's that the cupcakes are not selling and they are stale or if they are too dry. i suspect it's the former.

                          1. I went in last night. I'm moving to this neighborhood and wanted to check it out. Out of trainwreck curiosity? We had a Cookie Monster and a German Chocolate Special. The GC wasn't too bad. It wasn't that dry, the frosting was good. The CM was not good. It was really dry, way too much icing, and the icing looked grey. The cakes looked like they don't wipe the pan after filling them. In theory, this place is great. But theory can't run a restaurant. They were busy enough. They just don't have a good cake recipe. For $3 it ought to be perfect. What they have is far from it.

                            1. i went there and tried the cinnamon cake with cinnamon icing (cream cheese base). I took one bit of it. the flavor was nice but the texture of the cupcake was underwhelming and the icing wasn't good enough that i wanted to keep eating it.

                              1. i recently went back to the cupcake shop and had a strawberry cupcake. the icing was a rich buttercream with real strawberry and tasted delicious. the cake was fresh. the presentation of the cupcakes was much better. i think they've actually improved very much and are worth a trip though not worth the rachael ray write-up.

                                1. I was in the area earlier today, had a craving for a cupcake so I tried out their "Big Red"- red velvet with cream cheese buttercream. Probably the most dry and flavorless cake I have tasted. The icing was great though, so I see why the icing lovers on this board like it. Also the cake wasn't uniformly red, like the batter hadn't been mixed properly and that kind of annoyed me. I think next time I might try their carrot cake... in my experience it's hard to make a dry carrot cake so we shall see!

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                                    can i please retract my former post?? i had these at that party and they were good. but once the store opened, i've been there many times and the cupcakes are just not good. the icing can be good, depending on if they are fresh. it seems i go here a lot with women who want to pretend "sex and the city" but they really don't know a good cupcake because these are not. i was never a fan of magnolia bakery cupcakes either. i did, however, like the rival buttercup bakery cupcakes uptown. it is hard to find baked goods in the raleigh area that are any good...a good example is a birthday cake...forget it. the south doesn't have bakeries in the same way the northern cities do...due to the lack of german, italian, jewish, scandinavian immigrants of yore...i digress...but these cupcakes are just not worth the price. if you happen to be down on glenwood they are fine, but don't travel here for them. you will be disappointed.

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                                      For cakes, have you tried Square Rabbit or Edible Art? I've had both at parties and they're always delicious.

                                    2. re: MBC997

                                      I haven't been back since my last post. I decided to stop in tonight. Why, I don't know, but I'm glad I did. I got a coconut and a red velvet. I just wolfed down the red velvet. Is it just because I've been craving red velvet cake for weeks, or was it really that good? Granted, I removed more than half the cream cheese frosting, but it was good. At this point, my only criticism is that the coconut one looks kind of small. All of the cakes looked uniform in size and shape, like they started wiping the pans before baking. The red velvet was soft and moist, with a good even color. Once I try the coconut cake, I might change my mind. Seriously, give them another shot. Maybe they read this board? (The price was $2.75. Did they lower it?)

                                      And maybe they make a crow cupcake.

                                    3. I like to pre-order their mini-cupcakes as they seem to be moister than the regular size ones and the frosting ratio is a little better in my opinion.

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                                        I'm so glad they're getting better! I live two blocks away and want so badly for this to be good!

                                      2. if you guys want some really good cupcakes, i recommend the pound cake company in benson. they do cakes as well. they are worth traveling for :)

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                                          Funny-I like Pound cake company's pound cake but not their cupcakes. A friend and I have been to the cupcake shop in Raleigh twice now and I doubt we'll be in a hurry to go back. Cakes are a bit dry and too much icing--I think they are not selling as fast so are getting dry before they sell. The prices are sky high--$16 for a box of six and she refused to mark our frequent buyer cards for the six we each took out-only for the ones we ate in. While there we also noticed Ghiaradelli commercial pack brownie mix on the shelves in the kitchen--that just throws the whole place into question for me.

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                                            you know who also makes a good cupcake locally is http://www.bittycakes.com. she doesn't have a store but i ordered the hot chocolate cupcakes for my bday and they were delish and well worth it!! i wish she had a store.

                                          2. don't mean to keep harping on this place but i was in the neighborhood recently and decided to go in with some people. i got the cupcake of the day--chocolate raspberry. also got lemon, plain and coconut. the cake was dry on all of them and the frosting was hard on all of them. surprisingly, the frosting was even hard on the cupcake of the day, which you'd think was baked fresh. i just don't see how the owner can justify charging $2.75 a pop when the quality is so poor...i am not lying, i ate at golden corral the day after and the chocolate cake was delicious compared to this cupcake. i even told someone i had eaten there and she said she had heard they were dry. i don't think they are dry--i think they are stale. either make less or charge less.

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                                              The red velvet had been good for a while, but it's back to being way too dry. I'm not a fan anymore. You're absolutely right.

                                              1. re: eightlegeddj

                                                This is pretty sad. Seems most everybody here is in the boat of wanting this place to succeed / have good cupcakes but it just isn't meeting the standards. You would think in this age that folks running the place would be all over posts such as this and might try to take some steps to change. (Who knows, maybe they have but to no effect.) At any rate, I'm almost tempted to print all this out and drop it by with a suggestion that they take some serious steps to improve, including looking into new recipies, new production levels, etc. as well as requesting candid feedback from objective folks about their product. Seems in this economy even the greatest of cupcake shops would have a hard time. If nobody likes their cupcakes, I cannot imagine them surviving long.

                                                1. re: Guilty Gourmand

                                                  I am a HUGE cupcake person so when I read all these reviews about the cupcake shop in Raleigh, I had very low expectations. Upon entering, I noticed that there were a lot of half eaten cupcakes left on the empty tables- not a good sign. I really wanted to try the red velvet but they didn't have any. In fact, the selection was pretty sparse. We got two chocolate cupcakes, one with peanut butter frosting and the other with mint frosting.

                                                  I have to agree that the frosting was a little on the sweet side and there was a lot of it. The cupcake wasn't dry like I expected it to be so that was a plus. Overall, I think that this place exceeded my expectations. I would go back there again!

                                                  1. re: orthoFoodie1978

                                                    OK, I have to say that as a frequent visitor to the cupcake shop on Glenwood I am so surprised to see negative feedback although most people will jump to blog on something they dislike versus taking the time to blog on what they love. This place is WONDERFUL! If you don't believe me go see for yourself! Our family has used them for two bday parties, our daughters wedding, and most recently my parents anniversary and I can tell you with 100% certainty that their cupcakes are divine! We have yet to be disappointed and the staff is always friendly......kudos to small business! Kudos to something other than preservative laden products and kudos to them for keeping it simple! And in regards to the "nay sayers".....why do you keep going back? I mean really, find a new place to pick on will you?...this place is super cute!