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Mar 19, 2007 01:19 PM

Archibald's Barbecue,Northport Alabama easily my favorite barbecue restaurant in North America.What are some other places[not Dreamland]in Central Alabama that I need to be made aware of?Strictly old,beat-up,family run joints please.Also,does anyone have any insight on Archibald's sauce recipe?

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  1. I didn't realize Archibald's was still around. I always liked it so much better than Dreamland.

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      Thanks for the response.Where have you been getting your barbecue fix lately?

      1. re: scrumptiouschef

        Not in Alabama any more, so I've been getting my barbeque at Hog Heaven in Nashville. I don't like the ribs there, but the pulled chicken and pulled pork are both great, the coleslaw is fabulous and there's nothing like their white sauce.

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          Good barbeque around here seems to be a hard to find. My husband and I enjoy going to Full Moon barbeque over Dreamland. We were going to this little hole in the wall joint in Woodstock called "Robs Hog House". Rob had back surgery so their hours of operation are strange now. I dont recommend their ribs but the barbeque plate is very good. Also they have a good cheeseburger and onion rings. Lately we have been going to this resturant off the beaten path called "The Slabhouse". It is in Greenpond Alabama, just a short drive from Woodstock. We absolutely love this place. They have a guy bring in fresh seafood everyweek. Very good fried shrimp. Also they have fresh hand cut steaks. You can watch him cook them over a big open fire. They have a nice salad bar and the people are so nice. If you havent gone please try it. It is soooo good. It is worth the little extra drive.

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            Twix n Tween in Centerville is no longer cooking on site, but the pork was as good as ever the last time I was there. Jim's Barbeque can be good as well. It is on the west side of 82 between Centerville and Montgomery.

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              Going through some old posts I noticed the Slabhouse photo slideshow on the site above.That open fire looks really enticing.Has anyone eaten here recently?