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Mar 19, 2007 01:10 PM

Date tonight---Off-Vine?

Has anyone been here lately, and would you take a date there. P.S. he is not what I would call a "foodie" type guy....

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  1. I've been there recently, also with a "non-foodie" type, and the food's gone downhill from what I used to say was ok (especially for non-foodies) to downright bad. Neither one of us was happy with what we had. I'd go somewhere else. I was just at Cliff's Edge in Silver Lake, which is great for a date, and the food's quite good.

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      TOTALLY agree with both this assessment of Off Vine and the Cliff's Edge rec. Good call djdebs!

      1. re: The Oracle

        Also agree. Off Vine went from "not very good but tolerable for the cute atmosphere" to being just "pretty bad". I had a friend who used to be a server there and even though we'd often get freebies it still wasn't worth it for the food. One of their weekend brunch "specialties" that were often pushed were literally Pillsbury cinnamon rolls baked straight from the can.

    2. In same neighborhood, I would suggest both Magnolia and Bowrey -- on Sunset just east of Vine. The food is good (not superlative) but I love the atmosphere, and both are great date places. And appeal to guys. :) Have fun!

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        Thanks all, great feedback. I love this site! I'm new to it and it is fantastic!

      2. The atmosphere at Off-Vine is very nice but the food is rather mediocre.

        1. I enjoyed it for breakfast only. love that breakfast pasta.