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Montreal 2 nights next week-help

I need some help. I am a foodie and traveling into Montreal Tuesday night for SIAL show. Am staying Nelligan Hotel and have never been to Montreal. I am looking to head immediately from the plane to the Jean-Talon Market to check out the sights, smells etc...but need recommendations for good food Tuesday and Wed. nights? I don't need pre-fix meal or it to be outrageous either...just really great food. A place you would take a foodie friend who was in town to visit. I like it all, all cuisines but I feel compelled to dine French once unless someone there can suggest something else. I would like to really get a feel for Montreal in my whirlwind tour.

Thanks for your help.

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  1. I'll go with the obvious although some people think it has slipped a little lately but Au pied de cochon is a true only in Montreal unique experience. I noisy bistro where classics from Quebec and France are given a modern twist and emphisis is being put on foie gras and duck.

    1. yes Au pied de cochon is good but you've got to make a rez. It's more rolicking big fatty food than subtlety and finesse. Avoid the "everything in one dish" where you sample a bit of everything. Nice wine list. Touque is more the gastro pantheon and perennially rated the best though I've not been there for a couple of years. We're headed to MTL in April, so any further advice is appreciated. There's an interesting thread from last year: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/309389

      1. Yeah I guess I'll go with the usual suspects as well. Since you're on Rue St. Paul, check out Olive & Gourmando for lunch. Soup, salad, and sandwiches, but a cut above. The brownies and the chocolate bread are wonderful. Also there's Le Club Chasse et Peche over by Bonsecours Market. Also check out Da Emma (777 Rue de la Commune ouest) for great, but expensive Italian. the Nelligan's restaurant Verses, is pretty OK. I like their beef tartare. If you can get a reservation, you should check out Joe Beef over near Atwater Market. The raw materials they get are the best of the best. They reinvent the menu every day and the oysters are the finest in the city.

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          Does anyone know if Da Emma's take reservations online ? Couldn't find website.

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            Did you check www.opentable.com?...Nevermind, I just checked and Da Emma's not on the list.

        2. Excuse the self-reference, but see www.chowhound.com/topics/355785#2145205 (note, however, that Les Chèvres and Anise are no longer with us).

          You don't say when you plan to hit the market, but be aware that it starts closing down at 5 p.m. on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. And to see it at its mind-boggling best (it's now only a shadow of its summer self), come back on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon in high summer through early fall.

          1. I HIGHLY reccomend Bonaparte. It's on the "nicer" line of things but amazing food. You must try the chocolate ship souffle if you go...never had anything like it. Good wines as well and the service is top notch all the way. ALSO A MUST: Da Emma. Great, great, great Italian. The hostess the night we went was the daughter and you felt like you were going to your family's house...though the atmosphere is very hip. The menu is presented on a chalkboard at your table and the server takes time to go through everything (it's in Italian) and they give you an amuse of bruschetta. You must try the fettucine con funghi porcini...it's like dying and going to heaven. I'm Italian and I know pasta and this is some of the best I've ever had. They brought out the wrong dish for my friend and when we explained to the waiter he brought out complimentary panna cotta, and this was amazing panna cotta. I'm not a "creamy" dessert person but I could have eaten vats of this stuff. Wow...I just can not recommend either of these restaurants more. And for breakfast or lunch Olive & Goumando is great, esp. their brioche au chocolat. Montreal ahs some of the best restaurants IMO and the whole time we where there we didn't have a bad meal, so you prob. can't go wrong with anything. And for great coffee try cafe olimpico and if you want to try a montreal bagel, st.-viateur is just down the street. And on that same street is Chocolats Genevieve Grandbois...delicious and beautiful.

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              Thanks for the great tips everyone!! I am so excited to venture. I will try to get to the market before 5. I arrive at 2. So, should be able to make it.

            2. Another great spot is Lucca in little Italy. I have never had a bad meal there, and the service is top notch. Last time I went our table wasn't ready, so they offered us a glass of wine on the house (our choice!). The dining room is tiny, and full of energy but less noisy than Au pied de cochon, perfect for catching up with a friend. Wherever you end up, enjoy!

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                thanks for the tip...if I was to see any particular area in Montreal in the evening alone is there any place better than the next in terms of beauty, good walking or is it too darn cold right now?

                I am not looking per say for night life like dancing and disco but more just to wander and take in the sights.

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                  St. Laurent Blvd.("The Main") from Rue Mont Royal south to Sherbrooke St. is one of my favorite walks. St. Denis St. is also a great way to get the feel of Montreal, and is still busy and hopping at night, with lots of bars and cafes to chase the cold away...

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                    Walking along Ste Catherine from around Bishop to University, although very commercial, is a great sample of Montreal energy. Check out Crescent St. between deMaisonneuve and Ste Catherine. Mont Royal from ST. Laurent going east is another slice. If the weather is warm be sure to wander around Duluth in the evening as well.

                2. Pied de couchon, while I feel it has definitely slipped as of late, is also probably the best resto to give you a feel for Montreal. I entirely disagree with the suggestion for Joe Beef---our meal there a few weeks ago was one of the worst overpriced messes that I have EVER eaten anywhere (harsh, but sadly very true. Oysters Rockeffeler were not edible and everything else was simply disappointing.) AREA on Amherst is high on my list for yummy and interesting and a great atmosphere. Toqué is excellent and will fulfill your desire for French, though a bit pricey to be sure We are heading to La Porte this weekend which is supposed to be great---will let you know.

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                    I'll second AREA. I've only had stellar experiences there.