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Mar 19, 2007 12:54 PM

Delmonico's or Emeril's?

Which of the two Las Vegas restaurants is better?

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  1. Different menus, different atmosphere, different crowd. I'm not quite sure you could compare the two effectively. I'd go to Emeril's for a loud, fun night out, Delmonico for a more upscale, celebratory night out (with great wine list).

    And frankly, I used to be one of Delmonico's biggest supporters but the last time I was there I was kind of underwhelmed.

    So, if you're set on it being one of Emeril's restaurants, it depends what you want out of your evening, how much you want to pay, type of food, etc.

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      Was just in Las Vegas last month. Went to Emeril's...was very pleased. Beautiful room...quailty food. They have what might be my favorite appetizer ever...barbequed shrimp which is topped with an incredibly smoky-rich sauce. Have been to Delmonico...good, but certainly not the best steakhouse in Las Vegas.

    2. I've been to both and they are both great, but Delmonico is better. Not saying the Fish House is bad by any means, but Delmonico is one of the best restaurants in Vegas, arguably the best steakhouse. Delmonico is more of a classy and refined place, the Fish House is more of a fun place. Depends if you want steak or seafood.

      1. They are both excellent and different. Delmonico is a steakhouse...Fish House is closer to Emeril's roots - gumbo, bbq shrimp, fab deserts - do both !! Its only $$

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