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Mar 19, 2007 12:54 PM

Crab Season

When does this start? And where are the best metro-accessible places in DC to go to for crab? I feel it is something that I should try while I'm living in the area! Thanks.

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  1. VA crabbing season opened today (3/19), MD opens 4/1. It's still pretty chilly for them to be plentiful so much of what you'll get locally will be brought up from the Gulf and the Carolinas. The Dancing Crab on Wisconsin Ave. and the Quarter Deck in Arlington are easy to get to but call ahead to make sure that they have crabs.
    As we get closer to Memorial Day, the local crabs will be more plentiful, but even then, local restaurants often use the "imports" from further South.

    Maybe some of your friends with cars will be up for a trip to one of the really good crab houses near Baltimore, in Southern Maryland or on the Eastern Shore. It's worth the trip for the local color and the much better prices. Here's one crab lover's list of some nearby favorites. By no means exhaustive, but a good starting place.

    1. I've heard the lump crab at the Market Inn is awesome, but haven't been there myself:

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        I don't think I've heard that same opinion from any source other than Food Network.

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          I have a couple friends who live in DC and love the place. Like I said, I haven't been there.