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Mar 19, 2007 12:28 PM

Hicksville LI: Lahori Kabab and Grill

After reading Erica Marcus' article about Rt. 107 in Hicksville last week, we tried Lahori Kabab and Grill, which is over near the train station.
It was excellent- a hotsteam table with a few meat dishes (including two types of goat, a couple of beefs, a couple of curries) and a few vegee options. Then a separate display case with their kabobs- numerous varieties of lamb, chicken- the usual suspects.
There were two of us- we each had a platter of three dishes from the steam table and shared a lamb kabob.
Definitely give this place a big recommendation. Service was very friendly- they were kind enough to walk us through each dish on the steam table- and the food was excellent. Our favorites were a beef dish stewed in lentils and the goat curry. The kebab was excellent also.
Address is 55A Broadway.

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