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Mar 19, 2007 12:04 PM

Steakhouse in Minneapolis

I'm traveling to Minneapolis this weekend and would like to get a good steak dinner while there (that's midwest food, right?). Ruth's Chrisis an option, but perhaps there is a better place for good steak that isn't a chain (not that RC is bad)?

Any suggestions?

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  1. Here is my ranking:

    Manny's (downtown)
    Murray's (downtown)
    Morton's (downtown chain)
    Erte (Nordeast)
    Ike's (downtown)
    Ruth's Chris (downtown chain)

    If you have only one opportunity, I highly recommend just hitting Manny's and getting the bone-in ribeye (rib steak). A great cut well aged and grilled nicely. Great hashbrowns. Mushrooms are huge. You might want to consider BYO wine IMO as the markup is fine when you're expensing it, no so much when you're actually having to pay $200 for a $50 bottle of Cabarnet.

    I also really like Murray's tableside-carved double porterhouse served black & blue...

    1. I suppose everyone has their favorites. I'm not a fan of Ruth Chris's at all - in fact, I order fish when I have to go there. Manny's is ok, but for originality, I recommend Murrays. It's been here forever, has old world *charm* (read: old), and I like their meats and the "secret" spice rub they use. Anyway, just my opinion - I'm sure you'll get plenty more...enjoy, where ever you end up!

      1. I'd say Manny's or Murrary's.

        Isn't Jax good for steaks as well? If you were going to leave downtown I'd vote Jax over Erte.

        Or the Lexington for that old fashioned feel on this side of the river.

        I've never been to Ike's

        I'd say skip Ruth Chris, Capital Grill & Morton's - while they are all "fine" there are just better steaks out there.

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        1. re: St Paul Susie

          Good call on Jax.

          I've felt under-dressed when I've been there (might be the tuxedo shirted waitstaff), even if I'm wearing a jacket, but the service is great and the place is OLD SCHOOL. Cool deco bar as well. It's like eating a steak in a scaled down version of the The Stanley Hotel ballroom from The Shining.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. Manny's is the best unique to MPLS Steakhouse by a long-shot, but its' tough if you are dining solo because it's A la Carte and the sides are huge. if you go, sit in the bar area and order the bone in ribeye.