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Mar 19, 2007 11:55 AM

looking for some great italian!!!

omg... am totally craving some great italian.
i lived in nyc for 6 yrs and moved to LA.
still have yet to find a place.
i've been to mama d's and angelini osteria but... it's just not new york.
can anything be compared to babbo???
but in socal????

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    1. You could go to Mozza. But try Girasole or La Buca, both are small and not such a scene, but have very good food.

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        yesss... im from nyc as well. Tell me about it, Lupa is my favorite place in the world. Gnocchi from that place makes my heart melt. Anyway, I went to Il Pastaio the other night and it was wonderful. Give it a try. Beverly Hills area