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Mar 19, 2007 11:47 AM

Park Slope Favorites Around 4th St. & 5th Ave.

I am in the process of moving to the area from Manhattan in a few weeks and would like to find out from those who know better than me what are some favorites in the neighborhood. I would love to get not only higher end favs, but also cheap-o options and delivery joints. I'm looking forward to getting to know my new neighborhood.

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  1. Chip Shop (6th and 5th Ave) for great, deep-fried British food. Delivery available.
    Bar Reis (6th and 5th Ave) for a great corner bar.
    Belleville (5th Ave and 5th) and Cocotte (5th Ave and 4th?) for passable French food but a great atmosphere.
    Park Slope Ale House (6th Ave and 5th) for good pub grub and friendly staff.
    Stone Park (5th Ave and 3rd) for higher end dining (a good brunch too)
    Al Di La (5th Ave and Garfield) for possibly the best restaurant in Park Slope (besides Applewood off 7th Avenue)
    Bonnie's (5th Ave and 2nd?) for amazing burgers
    La Villa (5th Ave and 1st?) for great pizza (not as good as Anthony's on 7th Ave and 14)
    And so many's a great area for dining.

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    1. re: pastoralia

      Great! Thanks for the list. Everything sounds delicious.

      1. re: pastoralia

        Cocotte's bar (with a separate entrance on 3rd St) is pretty fantastic, with a perfect burger.
        The best wings in the Slope are down the block at Bonnie's, around 1st St.
        And Tempo Presto for great sandwiches to go and gelato.

        Now is one of those occasional times that I miss living in Park Slope.

      2. A new favorite of mine is El Pollo, a small restaurant on 5th Av. between 1st and 2nd. They serve Peruvian style rotisserie chicken, very well flavored and perfectly prepared. Nice for a simple meal; they also have take out and delivery.

        I also like Sakura, a tiny Japanese restaurant (but with a nice garden out back) on 5th, I think between 4th and 5th streets.

        Welcome to the neighborhood!

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        1. re: Bookistan

          Sounds good - thanks for the response.

          1. re: jdmetz

            Its very underrated on this board, but I think Tempo is the best restaurant in the slope.

              1. re: evoo

                i keep giving them chances and everytime i leave disappointed and $150 poorer. the maitre d is this really nice guy but the servers are always morons and uncomfortable, the food is merely okay and that doesnt cut it at that price point especially with their competitors so close.

                1. re: sam1

                  Weird...I've been there quite a few times and have never had less than an exquisite meal...I love the wild green salad with goat cheese roulade (my new favorite salad), the duck pastilla rolls are to die for, and everything else I've had has been pretty near perfect. The last time I went, I had the venison, and it was cooked to a perfect rare so it was absolutely tender and delicious.

          2. re: Bookistan

            I'd like to try El Pollo. I tried Googling but didn't find anything. Could you please post their telephone number and exact address? Thanks.

            1. re: A Petit

              El Pollo
              291 5th Ave
              718-369-3455 (and 3456)

              It's so good. Make sure to get the green sauce that comes on the side...Spicy!

          3. top 5:

            1. Brooklyn Fish Camp - NEVER dissapoints. a seafood lover's dream
            2. Panino'Teca 275 - the lasagna is to die for
            3. Bogata - fun for big groups, cheap and good
            4. Sheepstation - good beer, good lamb sandwich
            5. Lobo - decent tex mex, love the brunch

            1. al di la is the best italian and very reasonable - a real treasure.
              Mekong is good for Vietnamese take out and Mr. Wonton for Chinese.
              Another treasure is Palo Santo on 4th and union - incredible tasting menu for only $45

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              1. re: lizwarton

                Sorry, but Lobo is the worst tex-mex i've EVER eaten and I lived in texas for years.
                Bogata is fun and friendly
                Palo Santo is always interesting. Good and sometimes great, part of the charm of the place. A fave.
                Convivium is lovely. Try downstairs.
                Tempo is ok but sometimes gets hammered on this board. Eat at the bar for a test drive.
                The new French Morrocan place on Lincoln and 5th is good but I think overpriced. $20 for couscous? oy.
                Long Tan is thai-inspired food that is inconsistent, but the kitchen is open late and the bar is cool.
                Best rotis chicken is at the Union street market union and 6th.
                For simple tex mex try Los Pollitos. A bit of a mess, but it's texas soul food.
                Maria's has a great chili relleno and a good place for wonderful guaco on the terrace, but the food quality wanders.
                Worst BBQ on the planet is found at Bisquit (sigh...)
                Frannies on flatbush has good, healthy pizza
                Flatbush farm holds promise.
                Walk 20 minutes and you're on smith street, which has several nice places
                have yet to have a decent meal on 7th avenue

                1. re: friseelardons

                  I second the thumbs-down on Lobo -- went there once and never went again. A Patio frozen dinner is better (and i grew up in south Texas).

              2. I just went to Alaturka for a sandwich this afternoon (this is the place that used to be Curry Shop on 5th Ave and sixth street- next to Chip Shop). I got the chicken shish sandwich and man was it good! It comes on their homemade sesame wheat bread with pickled cabbage, letteuce and tomato. Yougurt sauce on the side. Really tasty. While I was waiting for my takeout someone ordered the chicken shish platter and it was huge. Really nice people run the place and you can sense they really want this to succeed. Give them a try!

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                1. re: pastoralia

                  I second the vote for Palo Santo. For takeout, one of my favorites is The Olive Vine (Mediterranean food). Welcome!

                  1. re: bread for breakfast

                    Palo Santo would be near the top of my list as well. The tasting menu at the bar (I'd recommend the wine pairings as well) is particularly fun...just be sure to bring an appetite! I was actually there this past week for a friend's birthday dinner, they'd rented out the whole back room - PERFECT for a group of 20-30 people. An intimate space, great lighting.

                    1. re: abaxter

                      granted i only went to palo santo during bk restaurant week, but i had such a bad time, i cant think of going again. the support on this board is very strong for the restaurant but my experience was awful.

                      it was empty at 7pm on a thursday night. during bk restaurant week, i expected it packed. i had a glass of a cab blend that was served so cold (it was improperly stored) that i had to complain. i ended up having a beer. i had the chicken hearts as an appetizer which were tastless and eating some ears. my pork chop main was ok but very undercooked. the fruit crumble for dessert was ok but hey, i didnt come for that.

                      the service was terrible. the main guy host was sort of like this nerd-y snob...particularly when i complained about the wine. the waitress was one of those 'everything is delicious' types. we were seated next to a table of ten who screamed the entire time we were there and no one said a thing to them. i had to tell them to please keep quiet...they apologized.