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Phoenix/Tempe area Pizza!!

I am dying for some great pizza. Not interested in deep dish style.

Can anyone recommend something that is great, but not a chain?

I recall Cardinal's pizza from days past.


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  1. Classic Italian Pizza at Baseline and Rural (NE corner) is my favorite -- not only for Tempe, but for the whole metro area. It's buried in the corner of a big shopping center anchored by the BOVA furniture store. Look for it in the far northeastern corner of the shopping center under the small clock tower. Regrettably, CIP is not serving lunch anymore, so make it a dinner outing. It's not a place to order a slice at the counter, but instead a place to have a relaxing dinner with salads, artisanal pizza, and a small but good selection of wine and beer.

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      Thanks! I will try it out soon . . . . .

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        We tried Classic Italian Pizza last night. It was really great. I would have hoped for some draft beer (even a domestic or two) but the pizza was great. I will go back for sure.

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          Glad you liked it. I agree that draft beer would be a welcome improvement, but at least there are some nice bottled beers available.

      2. I agree. I believe the is a "Pure Fitness" location right in the immediate area, which might be more visible from the street.

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          Yes, it is. Also be aware that it is closed on Mondays. Great pizza - the wood-roasted mushrooms and spinach are wonderful.

        2. I'd also add Miele's Pizza on the SEC of McClintock and Guadalupe in between Fry's and Petco. We always enjoy their pizzas and our guests have also raved about it. They're a couple of brothers from Napoli - great guys.

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            I stopped in at Miele's for the first time for pizza today and it was really, really good!! Fresh ingredients and really friendly, fast service. Since this is close to where I work, I will be in here every week. =)

          2. I really miss Florencia the Pizza Bistro in Ahwatukee. Local beers on tap, friendly neighborhood joint, wonderful seared thin-crust that I've tried unsuccessfully for years to duplicate, fresh toppings, excellent salads.

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              you miss it because it's no longer around or because you've moved?

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                  not cool for you but cool for me! ill have to check it out!

            2. I hate to be Captain Obvious, but........Pizza Bianco is maybe the best pizza place in the whole U.S. of A and it is right in your backyard. Try the bianco verde.

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                For great NYC style pizza, Ray's on Pima/101 is the place.

              2. My favorite since 1983 in Tempe, and the entire Valley for that matter, was Pizza Town on the southeast corner of McClintock and Southern. Sad, but I think it's gone now. Can anyone verify this? If so, does anyone know if the nice family who ran the place re-emerged with another restaurant elsewhere?

                To the OP, nice suggestions here. Additional options for good pizza include A Slice of Sicily on Indian School at 38th, Manhattan Pizza and Pizza Heaven on 7th Street south of Missouri, AJ's on Central at Camelback, Niccoli's on 16th near Rose Lane, Pat's Pizza Plus and Spinato's (which has 2-3 other locations) on Glendale near 12th Street, The NYPD chain isn't bad. Grimaldi's on Scottsdale Road has good pizza.

                For the frou-frou pie: Bianco, Classic Italian, Grazie and Cibo are all good.

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                1. I have to agree with themis. Florencia in Ahwatukee has been the best I could find. If I lived closer to downtown, I would definantly frequent Bianca. Been there and it is awesome.

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                    I grew up in the northeast, Syracuse NY area where Italian is dominant. We haven't been to too many of the pizzerias mentioned but we are pizza lovers. The tastiest and freshest we've had so far is at Bell Italia Pizzeria at 4909 E Chandler Blvd. in Auwatukee. The same strip mall also houses Fogo E Brasa and Hong Kong Gourmet Buffet which, for a Chinese buffet, is really good. Based on this and other posts, Classic Italian will be our next stop. Our most recent pizza was Marcos, a small chain out of Ohio. We thought it was OK... similar to Papa John's.

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                      Yay, thank you! I have been talking them up forever and I don't think any of the other chowhounds have taken the bait.

                      I spent about a year once trying to make the perfect pizza crust myself, using some combination of tiles and stones and my Ducane grill and a regular oven, earning some spectacular blisters in the process, but after I found Florencia I just gave that up entirely. They do it so much better than I ever could.

                    2. Pizza Picasso in Scottsdale...they just opened up in North Scottsdale around Frank Lloyd Wright. The "original" that I know of was/is up in Sedona. They are an upscale pizza place...REALLY good. Save room for dessert, the cookie pie with vanilla bean ice cream is to die for!!

                      1. Ralph's LA Hacienda Pizzeria
                        15236 N 59TH Ave (south of Bell)
                        Glendale, AZ
                        Phone: (602) 978-2780

                        Great pizza and salads!