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Mar 19, 2007 11:44 AM

Detroit -- anyone tried the new Original Soup Man in Birmingham yet?

Molly Abraham in today's Detroit News writes about the opening of the Original Soup Man on Old Woodward in Birmingham. I'll be the first to admit that the Seinfeld show was hilarious, but the amusement has faded. I can't see myself spending $6.95-12.95 for a bowl of soup and hunk of bread. Not even for lobster bisque. This makes even Zoup! look reasonably priced, by comparison.

Have any chowhounds tried it since it opened on Wednesday?

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  1. I didn't realize until I read that article that it was open, but it really doesn't much matter to me. Having looked at the website, the soup they serve could be the nectar of the angels and I wouldn't want to buy it. There's something about a place that is *purposely* rude, overpriced, and unwelcoming that just makes me not want to spend money there.

    They may, indeed, have great soup. I can almost guarantee that I'll never spend the money to find out.

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      Wow, I went to the Original Soup Man website and they actually have posted "Rules for Customers" - just like on the Seinfeld show - keep to the left, etc. I can't tell whether this is supposed to be funny. Very odd.

      I did have a nice cup of crab/corn chowder today at LeSoups in Ferndale. Under $5 for a decent, peppery 10 oz cup of chowder with actual pieces of crab, served with decent, not great, bread and, ugh, little containers of margarine. LeSoups is on the south side of Nine Mile, a block or two west of Woodward in Ferndale.