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Mar 19, 2007 11:36 AM

Clinton St. Baking Company-- Tonight!

I'm going tonight and looking for anything to definitely try (or definitely avoid). Also, anyone have a guess as to how long a wait would be for two around 7:30. I knwo the line at brunch is supposed to be pretty crazy, but I didn't know if a Monday night dinner might be calmer. Thanks!

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  1. It's not crazy for dinner at all. I went on a Saturday night, prime time, and got a table for 2 in 15 minutes. I've only been once, but we enjoyed the oyster po boy, shrimp and grits, and banana cream pie. There were a lot of things on the menu that looked good.

    1. How were the portion sizes, prices and wait staff? I've heard they could be a little "uppity" and brisk.

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        Portions were big, and our server was very friendly and helpful.