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Mar 19, 2007 11:30 AM

Looking for a good restaurant

I am going to be in Carlisle, PA on June 8,9, and 10 for an antique show. I am looking for a nice, cozy restaurant for Friday night. Not a chain restaurant, and NOT a pizza joint. Something "middle-of-the-road" pricewise, quaint with nice atmosphere and, of course, good food. Italian, chinese, steak, etc...not picky. Any suggestions? Thank you, Marcella

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  1. You could try Piatto on W. Pomfret Street, a very nice Italian restaurant in an old home in downtown Carlisle. (

    You said no pizza joints, and Salamandra is certainly no joint, but it does serve delicious, award-winning pizzas from wood-fired ovens. ( It's a very nice, cozy place right on the main drag on Hanover Street.

    The California Cafe, also on W. Pomfret Street, does French fusion but leans toward pricey. I've never had a bad meal there. (

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      Thank you very much. We will definately try it in June.

    2. Piatto would absolutely be my first choice for dinner. I went to college in Carlisle and a friend and I used to splurge there quite often.

      1. There is a restaurant in York, PA called The Left Bank. Excellent food and service. The best restaurant in the area.