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Mar 19, 2007 11:29 AM

Prescott Eats; do's and do not's

-Dinner Bell: Probably the best place in town for breakfast
-Waffle Iron: Great food, slow service
-Biff's Bagels: Great people, Awesome bagels, homemade cream cheese, and plenty of LOX
-Pangea Bakery: Tasty and creative pasteries, good smoothies too.

-Hugos & Garcias: My two favorite mexican spots in town can never go wrong at either of these places
- The Pine Cone Inn: A fine dinning experience with a lacking wine list. Excellent dishes such as the blackberry duck, the veal piccata, or the prickley pear glazed ribs. Good french onion soup with homemade stock too. A must try!
-N'awlins: Nothing special about this place except for the happy hour beer and wings. The pizza practically made me sick but we had great service so I left a happy customer.
-Prescott Brewing Company: A step above regular bar food and fresh local brewed beer. Good burgers, french dips, pizza, 20 cent happy hour wings, decent service, and a late night happy hour @ 10, will always keep me coming back to the brew pub.
-Michaels Cheesesteaks (prescott valley): Drop about 10 bucks and get one of the biggest ruebens or pastrasmi & swiss sandwhiches in town.
-Murphy's: Perhaps the cheapest happy hour for beer drinkers in town. $2 Happy Apps. can't go wrong. Never tried an entree.
-Monsoon: Saporro and Sushi for me whenever I go here. I can't imagine their is better sushi in town.
-Sweet Tart: Bakery/ Sandwhich and breakfast place on cortez. Had sunday brunch there and had a decent huevos rancheros, but cannot compare to the dinner bell.
-Canton Dragon: I am always skeptical of restaurants in shopping centers however Canton Dragon proved to be a good eat. We had the spicy duck and some dumplings with our tsingtao beer.mmmmm.
-El Charro: The worst mexican I have ever had. I ordered a veggie quesadilla for $6.50 and was served a burnt tortilla with blotches of melted and unmelted cheese and nothing else. My girlfriend ordered a similar dish and was let down by this half ass joint. Avoid this place!
-Streets of New York Pizza: Solid pizza but $$$$$$$
-Genoveses: Decent pizza, absence of multiple wines, nice atmosphere, I'd say 6.5/10
-El Gato Azul: We ordered a few tapas which I thought were excellent like the duck confit on garlic crostini with a prickley pear glaze, the quail was overcooked, and once again a restaurant with no more than 4 bottles of wine. A good eat but a more extensive wine list would make this little place all the better.
more TBA

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  1. I have to concur about N'Awlins. We had high hopes but everything we ordered was completely flavorless. As if they'd not only forgotten the spice, they'd forgotten the salt shaker as well. It's a nice patio; I'd stop there for a drink, but not much else. Murphy's has been a consistently good dinner choice, for me -- the rotisserie chicken really is as good as they say.

    1. hey there, ja-darlin, nice post! had a great week with you in az last week. the quail WAS overcooked at el gato azul. and the sauce was just sort of like blueberry jam reduction :( sadly dissappointing. but i concurr, the prickly pear duck crostini is something i would probably order again. weak dessert selection.

      the pinecone also deserves a note for excellent service. i really enjoyed my dinner there. the atmosphere in the main room was really nice, i really loved the decor and the ambiance and the piano music. the food was solid, even if it did cater slightly to an older crowd. i requested the duck mid rare and it came cooked perfectly. the wine list is a joke. i don't understand, don't they know how much money they can make off a decent vino selection? onehundred and fifty per-cent markup, people.

      i really enjoyed sweet tart's mister mango. i loved the ambiance. it actually really does remind me of a patisserie somewhere in a small european city. the food was nice, even if the omelette i had at trish's slow food cafe was cooked to a more fluffy, delicious consistency; i will always give a bonus to anyone who uses sriracha in a dish. they need to hook it up on the alcohol front, though, i love my mimosas with brunch. their baked goods LOOKED delectable. i would really like to try one next time i visit.

      michael's cheesesteaks was a pleasant surprise. the closest thing you'll find to a big fat jewish deli style reuben out here in the desert. the large is secretly a meal for two people.

      prescott brewing co- i love this! you summed it up perfectly. "one notch above average bar food" so true. sorry, not as good as what everyone says. decent but it's never going to send me to the moon with how good it is.

      garcia's- oh my gosh, could this be my new favourite restaurant in prescott? garcia's is a little mom and pop cafe type place connected to a latin mercado. the tripe taco was only okay but anything with chicharron is out of this world exciting and good. super cheap, muy autentico, but no beer :( seriously the best mexican food ive had outside of the mission district of san francisco. i was so impressed that you took me here.

      n'awlins- this place was pretty terrible. very good service though. love the happy hour drink prices. i dont think i would ever try anything that wasnt offered as a half-price app. and never ever ever ever eating the pizza again.

      1. Be on the look out for Park Plaza Liquor and Deli opening on or around Memorial day weekend.

        Michaels Cheesesteaks of Prescott Valley has since closed their doors. While their tell tale green truck still sits out front advertising the business their building has been repainted and are closed.

        Esogi Japanese Restaurant has just opened at a great location adjacent to the square. Look for them on Gurley St. By far in a way the BEST Japanese / Sushi in town. Much Saki to choose from.

        Bill's Pizza on Cortez is reasonably priced with large pies under $18.00. Far better deal than Streets of New York. Good Pizza too.