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Mar 19, 2007 11:01 AM

Bastrop - Other Options for Lost Pines Guests

We will be having a conference at Lost Pines over a weekend (Fri thru Sun) in May. Are there any options nearby for good (or even decent) food for those who do not want to fork over the $30 to lost Pines for breakfast, lunch or dinner?

Everyone will have cars so that is not an issue, but some suggestions that are easy driving distance (20 minutes or so) would be helpful.

Thanks in advance!


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  1. Bastrop is booming, it seems. I was through there last fall for the first time in years and hardly recognized the town. I stopped at Cartwright's bbq, right on 71. There's major construction going on and from the time I saw it until I got about a mile down the road to make a u-turn and get back took almost 15 mintues.

    Cartwright's is not one of the better known bbq joints in C-Texas. Here's a pic of what I was served:

    The brisket was very fatty and not very remarkable but the sausage was very good (as were the beans; the corn in the background was out of a can). There are 2 sauces, a tomato-based, ketchupy one in a squeeze bottle and the one in the background in the Jack Daniels bottle that is based on meat drippings, I think. I usually don't care about the sauce so I only sampled a few drops of each; go for the second one.

    That meal was a little over $10 bucks, a bit pricey for what I got. Apparently Cartwright's charges extra for things like bread, pickles, onion and jalapeno.

    I'd definitely go back for the sausage, but I'm a sausage-aholic.

    The Houston Chronicle did a little write-up on Lost Pines which mentions another little cafe downtown I know nothing about:

    I'd ignore Dripping Springs or a trip into Austin unless you have a lot of time (traffic in the city, etc.). If you opt to leave Bastrop for anything, first choice should be a trip down to Lockhart (est. 30-35 mins each way) for bbq at Kreutz, Black's or Smitty's -- some of the very best in TX, and lots of references here on CH, or north to Elgin (est. 20 mins each way) for cue at Southside Mkt or the other one -- can't remember the name now. Elgin is the sausage capital of Texas.

    Oh, yes, there's a Chili's in Bastrop and lots of the fast food chains.

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      Many thanks for all the good advice! I will let you know how it turns out...