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Mar 19, 2007 10:48 AM

Shamrock Shake?

I'm dying to find a McDonalds that carries a Shamrock Shake (for St. Patty's Day). Anyone find one in NYC or Brooklyn?

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  1. What exactly is a shamrock shake?

    1. Basically a mint milkshake. I haven't seen one in years - I'm interested to see if anyone can find a McD's that carries them.

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      1. re: jrw8127

        I did some research last year to no avail. Here's a link:

        Looks like you have to leave Manhattan for any chance at one.

        And is it worth it? Erik M. doesn't think so (though rworange disagrees), from this thread last year:

        Since I don't have the nostalgia thing working, I'm not losing sleep over it. Far better to go to Shake Shack on Sunday, 3/25 and get a mint chocolate chip frozen custard.

      2. Gothamist was on this last week and got the company to admit that NYC doesn't carry them - though not why

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        1. re: ronoc

          Actually gothamist was just quoting the Daily News:

          Also of note, they talked to a Boston McD's worker who says they'll have it all summer long there. Shall we reconnoiter north?

        2. NYC doesn't carry them - the closest is Jersey (Trenton was the closest, I think). I just read an article on this somewhere but I can't remember right now. I will post if I can find because it was really interesting. Regions can decide to carry certain things...apparantly NYC and bouroughs focus on coffee and iced coffee preferrentially based on customer demand.

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          1. re: missjeanne

            Believe it or else ... the McDonald's smack in the center of Cork City, Ireland had Shamrock Shakes for St. Patrick's Day. True story.

            1. re: missjeanne

              no surprize, a nyc mcdonalds usually doesnt carry mustard either.

            2. Any chance of a shamrock shake sighting this year?