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Mar 19, 2007 10:48 AM

lunch in the dunwoody area

hey all
just moved here and i work on abernathy just off of 400.
i came here from nyc so i know there are options that exist that are much better than the fast food choices around.
i like ALL food. from sandwiches to spicy ethnic food. i would love any feedback you have about good sorta cheap lunch spots that are closeby...generally places that you would take out from (dont have much of a lunchbreak).

bonus points for viet, thai, cuban, real mexican, good sandwiches, middle eastern, and other great ethnic foods.

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  1. Hi ronny9r,

    Welcome to the area! There is a lot of good ethnic food in Atlanta. Unfortunately, Dunwoody is not where it is located. I'll be interested to see if anyone has any suggestions. I work just off 400 on Hammond drive near Roswell, and in the five years I have worked inthe area, have yet to find anything remotely good for lunch. A compounding factor is that this area is so full of SUV-driving suburbabites that going anywhere is difficult.

    That being said, Buford Highway is not too far if you have more than an hour or so to eat. It is a treasure trove of fabulous ethnic eats. You might want to check out aAtlanta Cuisine, which is a local board. Lots of resto info there.

    1. I have not been but there is a persian restaurant on Roswell and Abernathy that many have said is very good.
      Simply Thai is on N. Shallowford Rd. That is my favorite thai restaurant.
      I will keep thinking about that area.

      1. There is a cute restaurant on Johnson Ferry and Roswell Road called Flavor Cafe. I was only there for coffee and pastries, but it looks like they have really tasty, fresh sandwiches, soups and other lunch options.

        1. There are two Persian places on Roswell near Abernathy. I've only been to one, and it's been a long time, but an Iranian co-worker likes them.

          Canton Cooks at Hammond and Roswell is very good for Chinese, though better w/ a group not ordering off the lunch menu. We occasionally make the trek to Wasabi House in Dunwoody for sushi; it's pretty good for being close and their bento boxes and bi bim bop are relatively inexpensive. There's also the 2nd location of C'om (Vietnamese) in the same shopping center. E 48th St. Market is a bit deeper into Dunwoody and has gotten good mention here lately. Pam's does steam-table Southern-by-way-of-Korea, it's in Perimeter Park off the 285 access road near N Peachtree Rd. Then there's Garcia's, which is more Tex Mex than real Mex, and Goldberg's Deli, both of which are just N of 285 at Chamblee Dunwoody.

          Most of these are going to require a bit of lunchtime driving to get there, and prices are all over the place. But they're a bit closer than Buford Highway.

          Oh and I don't know if it's still there, but there used to be a little Lebanese/Middle Eastern market next the original China Cooks on Roswell just S of 285. More a source for supplies (cheap tahini!) than anything. And there's an El Taco Veloz right there too, which is going to be the closest taqueria, if not the best.

          1. There are several places in Sandy Springs worth visiting. For real Mexican, I would suggest El Taco Veloz, which is on Roswell Road just south of I-285 on the right when southbound.

            KC Pit BBQ on Hildebrand just west of Roswell Road does a good job with brisket, burnt ends, pork, and ribs - along with a nice assortment of generally enjoyable sides. Slopes BBQ on Johnson Ferry one block west of Roswell Road at Sandy Springs Circle is a good lunch stop also. My favorite is the rib platter with black eyed peas and fried okra. Across both streets - behind the fire station are three more places to eat. Brooklyn Cafe, a Thai place and another (mindfade) are all more eat in than carryout - but are quite good.

            The Brickery is in the shopping center on the southeast corner of Hammond and Roswell Road. Their sandwiches are very good.

            Badayori, on the northwest corner of Abernathy and Roswell Road, has a $15.95 lunch buffet. The sushi variety is plentiful and the quality is decent. They have a nice selection of salad and dessert items, as well.

            East of where you work is franchise heaven - quick and predictable. West of you is Sandy Springs and carryout is available from all except Badayori - which isn't cheap, anyway.