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Mar 19, 2007 10:35 AM

Dinner and "sure things" in DC

Hi there -

I'll be spending a few days each month in DC - specifically around M Street and the teens/20s. Looking for decent places for dinner and sure bets for lunch or just when I'm beat and don't want to get dolled up for dinner.

I'm a vegetarian, but pretty easygoing - so I don't need fifty million veg choices at one place, just something good - I'm open to all cuisines. I'm partial to nice wine and beer lists as well. Typically would rather not spend more than $25 on an entree. I guess what I'm simply asking is for an array of recommendations in the area that would suit me well.


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  1. Mendocino Grill on M Street in Georgetown has good food, often with very nice vegetarian-friendly choices, and an excellent wine list (many by the glass).

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      I would call ahead to ask about vegetarian options for Mendocino Grill. The March 2007 menu on their website doesn't list any vegetarian entrees.

    2. Asia Nora on M and about 22nd has vegetarian options, inculding very well prepared tofu. I have always enjoyed the ambiance and food there.

      There is a vegetarian restuarant in that area (Amana ?). I have never eaten there but I have eaten in their Vienna location and it is good.

      La Chaumiere is good but the veggie options may be limited (check the menu online).

      I second the recommendation of Mendocino. Someone will likely recommend the Blue Duck Tavern which I think is waaay over rated.

      1. I've mentioned before that Cafe Tu-Oh-Tu is a sure lunch bet. It's on M in the direction of Foggy Bottom. I used to get the tomato orzo soup and a bread/dip sampler and it was fantastic. I also LOVE pizza paradiso on M, and they have a decent beer selection and plenty of veggie options. Someone posted on here asking about Georgetown recs for his daughter and I think a lot of recs are listed on there that would suit you (vegetarian recs).

        1. Malaysia Kopitam is low-key, low-cost and a good bet. It's on M and maybe 19th.

          1. Any Ethiopian restaurant will have good vegetarian options. Most of the great ones (Etete, Dukem) are quite aways away from where you're staying. But Zed's (on M Street in Gtown) is good.